Syracuse: Big East Powerhouse?

Pitt opened up its Big East schedule with a road-trip to Syracuse. I was asked about a week earlier, “So what do you think about the Syracuse game?” And as someone who as followed the Panthers for years now, I answered honestly, “I don’t know why, but Pitt always seems to handle Syracuse well. I would put all my money on Pitt.”

Now looking back and knowing that Pitt once again beat the Orange, I was sort of curious, just how correct my statement was. Some people are naive enough to say that Syracuse isn’t very good this season. Let me tell you, Syracuse is always good. It is only a matter of how good. Sure they didn’t have the greatest season last year. But as many are quick to say, they beat Pitt for the Big East Championship title.

Looking all the way back to the 2001-2002 season, Pitt has gone 8-2 against the Orange. In that span Syracuse has not only been the Big East Champions, but the National Champions.


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