Pitt defeats DePaul on the Road

In what was best described as a slow, methodical Pitt style game, the Panthers took the early lead agains the Blue Demons and never let up. The first half was much closer than some Pitt fans anticipated, however Pitt was able to keep the lead for the entire game. Aaron Gray was held in check for most of the first half with much of the slack being picked up by Antonio Graves, Levon Kendall, and Mike Cook. Bothered by a leg injury, Levance Fields had some uncharacteristic turnovers, but came back strong in the 2nd half to help the Panthers move to 3-0 in Big East play. Aaron Gray proved to be too much for the Blue Demons in the 2nd half scoring the majority of his points then including 2 free throws which really proved to put the Panthers over the edge.

Pitt faces off against Georgetown next on Saturday night at 9 p.m. at the Pete following College Gameday live from Pitt and the women vs. St. Johns at 1:30.


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