Awesome Day

I just got home after being at the Pete for over 16 hours, what a great day. The atmosphere at Gameday in the morning was electric. Disappointing loss for the women but what an entertaining game. The men’s game was just insane I loved every minute of it. Great showing by the Zoo. Saturday night games in Pittsburgh are what college basketball is all about.

Couple highlights from the day:
1. The signs at Gameday were great. My personal favorite was “Lets Get Frisky”. Jeff is the new cult hero of the Zoo.
2. Crazy Dancing Lady is back. I was getting worried we weren’t going to get to see her this year but she was back and on form today.
3. SHADY SHADY SHADY. He signed Dave’s sign thats as good as written commitment. This kid is huge and I can’t wait to see him play for Pitt.
4. Mike Cook. He put in his best game of the year, I love his play. Pure finisher he is exactly what the team needed.

Can’t say enough good things about tonight I had a great time and there is no feeling in the world like being in Pete during Big East season. I love this team!!!!


17 Responses to “Awesome Day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    From a PITT alum who was a senior in 1974, when the Panthers were stellar (Billy Knight, Mickey Martin, Jim Bolla, etc.), tonight seeing the zoo on TV made me proud. In that 73-74 campaign, we had noisy students, sometimes sitting right on the court (remember Fitgerald Field House’s court was eleveatd by 8-12 inches), and what a great venue that was…but the Pete is superb…and you at the Zoo make it great…good noise, you never stop moving, and you’re into the game.From Portland, Oregon…proud of you and proud to be a PITT alum!-al-

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Who is the “Shady Shady Shady” mentioned in your story?

  3. Jason Cramer Says:

    Al, thanks for the complement we all appreciate it. Not just the Zoo was making noise last night the entire arena was rocking. One of the best performances by the crowd I’ve seen in my 4 years here.

  4. Jason Cramer Says:

    Shady is football recruit LeSean McCoy. He is a highly thought of running back.

  5. Zookeeper76 Says:

    Wasn’t the Shady sign a recruiting violation? I seem to recall PSU’s Nittwits getting in trouble for something similar at a basketball game last year with Pat Devlin.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    it wasn’t a violation. Specifically the NCAA rules says that registered student organizations are not allowed to help in the recruiting process. This means that student groups aren’t allowed to distribute items to help recruit. Now if people do it individually then it is well within the legal limits. So the students who made signs for Shady didn’t break rules because it was not the Oakland Zoo who made them and handed it out. The students did it all on their own.

  7. Gavin Says:

    As an alum, a long-time season ticket holder, and honorary zoo member (albeit across the court), I am extremely proud at the consistency of the student involvement this season. You guys are doing an amazing job and have helped make the Pete one of the most difficult places to play for opponents in the nation. I’m glad you guys got some national exposure on Saturday. Keep up the good work.

  8. Jason Cramer Says:

    I can personally attest to the sign for Shady being all the students idea. We are good on that.

  9. Jason Cramer Says:

    I can’t wait to see how the young UConn team is going to react during their first trip to the Pete. The crowd should be great tommorrow night. Thanks for the kind words. We got something special going on this year.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    One great thing about the Zoo is you guys don’t try to take the spotlight away from the team like you see with the Cameron Crazies and other student sections. I’m sure there are a few members of the group who see themselves above the team, but from what i’ve seen the majority of the Zoo realizes that you guys are there to support the team and give them an edge, not to steal the spotlight away from them. Keep up the great work. Maybe one day I can get one of those wristbands and sit with you kids.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Agreed! Keep up the good work guys. You really make us old guys proud of Pitt Hoops!

  12. heather cheddar Says:

    LOL I MADE THE FRIZKY SIGN. the student section is NUTS this year. also: i heard you guys talking about ronald “the razor” ramon… i know the kid who made that up. he graduated last winter and he created the facebook group.

  13. ~ The Oakland Zoo ~ Says:

    Thats awesome. I don’t know if you noticed but a few of the guys do the Razor Ramon taunts every time he drains a 3. We’re trying to get everyone else to do it too because it looks awesome.

  14. heather cheddar Says:

    no i didnt hear anything about that… but thats a good idea. i also like the “1 2 3-poinnnnterrr”AND the arms around each other during the national anthem… but as far as i know me and my friends are the only ones who participate in that one.

  15. Brad Says:

    As a recent alum who had to flip back and forth between the pitt game and the damn eagles game(why are so many of my friends philly ex-pats?), what i saw looked great, the mccoy thing(while not a zoo project) was brilliant, get the job done tonight again on a national stage, i was half-pissed you weren’t mentioned among the best home-court advantages today by the “experts” on

  16. Anonymous Says: on the street is that LeSean “Shady” McCoy has said that he will be attending PITT!!!that sign must have done the trick if the rumors are true!!! good job to all the fans who showed that we want him in a PITT uniform

  17. SignGuyDudley Says:

    YAY SIGNS!! Keep bringing new ones!!

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