Tough Day

Today was a bad loss but the game was entertaining. Also Ronald Ramon played a fantastic game, he is such a clutch player. Thats all the praise and good things to say today.

Firstly, Tim Higgins is a terrible referee. I know this is such common knowledge that its a cliche but its completely true. His grandstanding and taking over the game are embarassing for the Big East. He should NEVER ref games at the Pete he can’t handle the atmosphere. It takes a logical and sensible referee to deal with a lively crowd and Higgins isn’t that he is too emotional. The foul call to put Dominic James on the line to win the game was bad. A good ref lets that play go you can’t get a touch foul when you jump into the defender this is a simple call. Get your head out of ass and let the game play itself out, you handed the game Marquette. If I’m reading into the correctly your giving James the “star call” thats fine if its 9 minutes into the first half not with .9 seconds let in the overtime of a nationally televised game. Way to make the Big East conference look good on the national stage but you win in the end because everybody knows your name. A good ref doesn’t do need to be known. Also I’d like to say good job to Curtis Shaw you seem to really have your head on straight and called a good game. You will be a big time official with your Higgins Jr. impersonation. I hate when stuff like this happens it kills atmospheres and games.

This game should have never have never even gotten to the refs whistle. This was a big game and what always happens when big games come the team starts missing foul shots and Aaron Gray goes silent. In fairness to him he played a really good first 2 minutes of the overtime. Missing the amount of foul shots he did though lost the game for us. Marquette knew that and fouled him. Also the missing of layups and close shots is hard to understand. It just doesn’t seem like he has the appetite to win in the big moments. We need him if this is going to be a year we get past the Sweet Sixteen. Levance really played bad today too. Thats two games for him that he just hasn’t shown up in. If it wasn’t for Ramon playing a great game Fields performance would have been more noticeable.

To everybody who threw their towels on the court you realize in basketball they give out technical fouls for shit like that. Thats two free points to the other team. I was pissed too but I don’t want us to give up two points for it. Say whatever you want I’m not going to be the one who gives you crap for that but when the Zoo is putting us in danger of losing points on the court it has to stop. It stopped for the most part in the second half but it shouldn’t happen at all.

I’m out this was a terrible loss but we are still in front of the pack in conference. Lets get a hope for a better performance Wednesday.


23 Responses to “Tough Day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It amazes me to say it, but Antonio was the only starter who played well today. Everyone else played like crap minus the first two minutes of OT from Aaron Gray. And speaking of Gray. WILL SOMEONE TEACH HIM HOW TO MAKE A FRIGGIN FREE THROW! Especially at the end of the game, when he’s at the line you know its not going to go in.P.S. Tim Higgins sucks.

  2. NY Warrior Says:

    this is becoming quite a rivalry…..that’s good to see.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    a rivalry between pitt and marquette or a rivalry between pitt and higgins? all i know is higgins sucks and i never ever want to see him again. F higgins, and F marquette.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Bitter, party of one

  5. The guy above me is a closet WVU fan Says:

    No higgins = No lossthank god he’s retiring next year.

  6. Jason Cramer Says:

    I like the idea of a Pitt-Marquette rivalry. The game at Marquette is going to be crazy.

  7. Jason Cramer Says:

    I agree with the praise for Antonio. He has quitely over the past month after the horrible OSU became a much more confident player. I have no beef with Antonio’s play anymore and I think he is just going to become more of an asset. He deserves a ton of credit for his turnaround he has really cut down on the mistakes

  8. Jason Cramer Says:

    I was in a bitter mood yesterday after the game. Such a great comeback and performance by Ramon and all I can think about is the negative stuff from the game. The stuff with Higgins has been going on for the four years I’ve been here. Everytime I see his red face I know the game is going to have a moment that is going to drive me crazy.

  9. Jason Cramer Says:

    Gray’s foul shooting is probably never going to get any better. Its just a fact about his game he can’t hit foul shots with any pressure on him. Hack-a-Gray might become a prevailing strategy down the stretch in big games. At least we have one player we know can hit the big foul shot in Ramon.

  10. NY Warrior Says:

    Jason — I think we have a rivalry.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    If we’re going to complain about the call at the end of OT, how about the call that sent the game to OT to begin with? Can’t argue that Higgins sucks, but he didn’t win the game for Marquette.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The way I saw it on National TV, The game should never have goen to OT. Ref’s missed an over the back on the missed free throw and the foul by James on Ramon was a joke. I can’t remember which official made the call on James, but I’m willing to bet it was Higgins.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are truly a bunch of babies… You were outplayed the whole game. Only somebody who knows zero about basketball would say you lost the game because of the refs. You lost because you are simply just overrated

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Pitt and MU have played 3 great games. Your student section seemed very small compared to MU’s. It seemed about only 1500 and why is press row behind one of the baskets? James was shouting into a background of half media types and half students.

  15. Jason Cramer Says:

    We did get outplayed the entire game but we made a comeback. Did anybody say that we weren’t outplayed most of the game. What I’m is saying is that a touch foul ended a game. Five seconds before that play an obvious blocking foul wasn’t called. Pitt deserved to lose that game in OT but we didn’t get over that point. There wasn’t a 10 point swing spotted to us. I hate the we would have lost anyway argument. A terrible call ended the game. But we were supposed to lose so whatever Higgins just made sure the right team won.

  16. Jason Cramer Says:

    That was a hack on Ramon to send it to OT. His man left his feet and swatted at his arm. Foul every second of every game.

  17. Jason Cramer Says:

    James walked over five feet away from me and was shouting to the Marquette fans in the upper deck behind our section of the Zoo. He was making the gesture to his fans it just looked really bad because he was standing in front of the Zoo.

  18. Jason Cramer Says:

    We might be overrated but this isn’t the game to judge that on. Playing a terrible game, possibly the worst of the year, we almost beat the only other ranked Big East team. Pitt playing its best is by far the best team in the Big East.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The “best team in the Big East” will play their best all of the time, especially when they have to play a Top 25 team. Have the Panthers “played their best” when playing the best this year? No: 0-3 against ranked opponents. And stop blaming it on the refs; Higgins can’t call ANY game he’s ever officiated but remember that he sent the game into OT in the first place. The “best team in the Big East” will play well enough to compensate for his atrocious calls. Oh, and as far as a rivalry is concerned, this is at least the start of one if I’ve ever seen it.

  20. Keith McBride Says:

    “The ‘best team in the Big East’ will play well enough to compensate for his atrocious calls.”I agree 100%. But that doesn’t mean that the best teams don’t lose games. When is the last time the national champ has gone undefeated? Sometimes you don’t play to your ability. Maybe you get lost in the zone defense a team is playing and learn from it and come out better.You can’t say Marquette is the best team in the conference just because Pitt lost. Wait until March and see who wins the regular season and the tourney.I give Marquette a lot of credit, and they are obviously the #2, despite Georgetown getting the coaches’ preseason pick. You can’t tell me that Marquette is better than Pitt, at least not yet.

  21. Jason Cramer Says:

    Yeah I agree that the best team will play well enough to compensate for bad calls. I’m again not blaming Higgins for our loss I’m calling him out for a bad call. Our play is what lost us the game. If we shot better from the line there is no overtime. Will this rivalry have the legs to survive though? The rivalry with UConn is great because they just keep reloading with 5 star recruits. What happens to Marquette when James leaves can somebody step up and keep them at this level?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I am interested in the lack of class comments. I sincerely hope the Marquette players were not acting out of line after the game. That’s not what I understand this team to be about…it would be a let down for me as an MU alum and fan. I have to think they were just trying to celebrate with the MU fans in attendance.There is nothing worse than losing at home, and to have the opposing team rub it in is painful. We’ve lost enough close games at home to Louisville and Cincinatti over the last several years for me to know how that feels. Talk about lack of class…wait until you lose to one of those teams at home.

  23. Jason Cramer Says:

    I didn’t see anything that Marquette did that showed a lack of class. But I wasn’t anywhere near the tunnel or Marquette’s bench. They handled the atmosphere with class but maybe somebody else in the Zoo saw something different.

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