"What If"s Don’t Win Games

I’m not going to go into great detail about today’s disappointing loss, as I’m sure you are all just as aware as I am about what went on. All I have to say to all of you is that when you and your friends start talking about this game and this team, do not delve into the murky waters of the “what if.”

What if we shot better freethrows?
What if Jamie didn’t get the technical?
What if Higgins didn’t call three non-existent charges?
What if they hadn’t called the foul on James with 0.9 seconds?

Don’t do it.

There is no stat given to the NCAA committee with the heading of “almost” wins. There is no column on the sheet that shows “incorrect referee calls.” What matters is the W and the L.

Pitt shot their worst percentage on the season (0.418) and an awful (0.278) from the arc. Add in 13 missed freethrows, and you begin to wonder how Pitt even managed to get into OT.

That is my point in a nutshell. If you are going to talk about this game, talk about all of the missed shots and turnovers in regulation. Pitt had one of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen today, but it shouldn’t have ever even been necessary. Don’t point the finger at Levon, or Antonio, or anyone else in the final 60 seconds. This game should have never needed to go that far.

I just hope that come March 3, when the Panthers go to Marquette for their GameDay, that we can ruin their day as much as they ruined ours today.


3 Responses to “"What If"s Don’t Win Games”

  1. ShotandBeerforHiggins Says:

    “What if” Tim Higgins quit drinking? Would he still be a shitty ref?

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever know the answer to that question.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you. All anyone had to do was watch the game and see the sloppy play from just about everyone. Maybe this is the wake up call that they need to realize that they truly are a good team. By that i mean, Marquette should have killed them. So, don’t look to the overtime as the problem, that occured during regulation.

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