Player Spotlight: Ronald Ramon

After the road win over Cincinnati this week, obviously most of the attention the team is getting is going toward their guards. This first Player Spotlight will shine on Junior guard, Ronald Ramon.

Now in his third year with the Panthers, Ronald needs little introduction. Coming in as a freshman he entertained everyone with his lights-out shooting. As a sophomore we saw him take over the starting point guard position, while Carl Krauser moved to the shooting guard for his senior year. Now, many wonder why Ronald is sitting on the bench at tip-off.

Since the start of the Big East season, Ronald has obviously begun to understand his role on the team. Throughout the season, Ronald has put up better statistics than his career average in every category except steals and turnovers, even while playing fewer minutes. As exciting as that is, since starting conference play, he has improved even more.

He is averaging 11.7 ppg while shooting 57.5% in seven conference meetings. Not only is that a 13% improvement, his 3-point percentage numbers are up to an astonishing 60.7%, with only 44.3% in the non-conference season.

Now that Pitt fans everywhere are once again knocking the Panthers’ freethrow ability, Ronald is hitting a career high 86.4% in conference play. He is also drawing two more fouls per game. Listening on the radio after the loss to Marquette, I heard a number of people comment that with Carl’s departure, Pitt lacks anyone for that “go-to-guy” spot in the final moments of the game. I also recall an article in the Post-Gazette that claimed that Pitt’s shooters were accurate, but not confident.

You may question Dixon’s choice of Ronald starting on the bench, but think about what his new role is. When you have a guy who is hitting over 60% from the arc, drawing fouls and hitting over 85% of those freethrows, who else would you want in those last few seconds remaining in a close game? Ronald is turning out to be the type of clutch player about whom most teams can only dream. I don’t know what Ronald’s opinion about the starting job is, but I am willing to bet he is getting more comfortable every day. For years Pitt has lacked any real outside presence, and with Antonio, Levance, and Ronald all knocking them down like they are, add in Aaron, and now you have a team with some really intimidating offensive options.

While I will enjoy Pitt winning by double-digit margins, I am quite excited for tournament time, watching Ronald take the reins of this team, and pulling out some close victories on the road to the Final Four.


14 Responses to “Player Spotlight: Ronald Ramon”

  1. lets_gO_pitt_o4 Says:

    Finally, some much needed respect for Ronald Ramon.. Before i go on, I do NOT want to take any credit from any of the other players on the team. Pitt is a very unselfish team and sometimes a little too much. I’ve always thought that Ron should start but, if he keeps coming out everytime and shooting the 3 on his first posession, i won’t complain anymore. Pitt has alot of potential and Ronald always contributes at the right time. I like Pitt’s chances in the Big East Tournament and NCAA. Let’s GO Pitt!!

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    This will be the first of a series of Player Spotlights I will be doing until the end of the season.Ronald just earned the first spot.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love the way Ramon plays, and there is nobody else I would rather have the ball when it’s clutch time. He’s an amazing shooter and player, and he has a heck of a lot of heart.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I wish Ronald was about 6 inches taller so we could bench Levon and start Ronald.

  5. Jason Cramer Says:

    Ramon has been so consistently good this year. His clutch shooting is the highlight of the year for me. One of the smartest basketball players I’ve ever seen. Just knows have to play in every situation.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Jason, how do you feel about Levon? I think he’s been way over hyped and is slowly turning into Mark McCarroll. A guy getting time that doesn’t deserve it but doesn’t have anyone to challenge him for his spot.

  7. Keith McBride Says:

    I’m pretty sure Jamie Dixon never called Mark McCarroll the team’s “MVP” like he did with Kendall

  8. Jason DeWalt Says:

    Well i’m sure you’re asking the other Jason, but I dont think Biggs or Sam can handle the 4. Therefore we are stuck with Levon to play crap D and not contribute on offense. But to ask another question Jason Cramer. Do you have much contact or inside info with the team? If you do I was wondering who do you think will be next years starters.Also if Levon starts playing well, how far can we go in March?

  9. Jason Cramer Says:

    To answer the first question I think Levon isn’t playing well. He hasn’t been playing good defense, constantly in foul trouble. I think he needs to bring more rebounds down. I don’t really expect him to score but he has to get boards. I wish Biggs was ready to contribute but he isn’t so its Levon this year. How awesome would it be if Chevy was on this team?

  10. Jason Cramer Says:

    I don’t really have any inside contact with the team. I would guess that next years team will look like this:Fields PGBenjamin/Ramon SGCook SFBiggs PFDiggs C (he is a JUCO transfer)

  11. Jason Cramer Says:

    If we get something from Levon we could be tougher to beat in the tournament. I think depending on a draw we are an elite 8 team with upward potential

  12. Zack Matthews Says:

    I don’t think that pitt has progressed into an elite eight team as of right now. There is no doubt in my mind Pitt has the talent to make a deep run into march, but honestly when has pitt shown that it is an elite eight team. In order to get to the elite eight pitt will need to beat atleast two top 25 teams in the country (0-3 so far this season) not to forget about the sleeper teams that come out of smaller conferences that have our number each year (Pacific, Bradley, Kent St., Marquette). Pitt has the post presence, the ability to run the floor, the abilty to get stops, guard play and outside shooting to make a run, but when the bright lights come on you have to perform. Pitt is also notorious for playing down to competition. It is one in done in march and if the panthers hope to go far they need to be mentally ready for each game. Nonetheless, i’ll be cheering them on.. Let’s go Pitt!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Whats been up with Cook lately? The guy was brilliant early in the season, but every game he looks more and more like DeGroat. Who is Mike Cook? No seriously…which Mike Cook is going to show up in March?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Okay first off Levon Kendall has been playing awesome! He may not be the best scorer but he does the little stuff like sets the pics and plays real good defense. Also Mark McCarrol was a great player too! The only reason he didn’t play as well his senior season was because of his knee injury! I think Ronald Ramon should start over Levance Fields like last year. Ronald has more experience and seems to be undercontrol more and doesn’t tend to do stuff himself. Obviously Ramon deserves to start with his top average foul shooting..why do you think he never gets to the line? Because when its him and Fields in Fields has to do it himself and get fouled. I’m not saying I don’t like Fields because I really do! I just don’t like the decision of not starting Ronald Ramon. I ❤ you Ramon!

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