St. Johns WIll Not Win The Big East

I’m going out on a limb after their performance yesterday and say that St. John’s will not need to worry about winning the Big East. The game was never even close, Pitt dominated from the beginning. Like one of my friends said after the game, “Pitt showed how to play like a top 10 team and St. John’s showed what you need to do to miss the conference tournament.”

As far as individual performances, I’m going to go back to what I say after every game, solid performance from Graves. I am the leader of the Antonio Graves bandwagon and anybody who watched the Oklahoma State game can tell you this is the most unexpected thing ever. He is really keeping himself under control and has become a much more solid basketball player. Coach Dixon is rewarding him with more minutes and I am very impressed with his turnaround. Mike Cook put in a pretty solid performance but nothing really jumps out at you. Levon and his closely trimmed hair appeared to rebound a little better yesterday but that may have been due to the lack of any presence.

Let us know what you think about the games and the Zoo and leave a comment on the articles.


8 Responses to “St. Johns WIll Not Win The Big East”

  1. Oakland Says:

    Where was the energy at yesterday?? The entire crowd seemed lethargic.

  2. Jason Cramer Says:

    Wasn’t really an exciting game and the crowd was lethargic. It is really hard to get into a game like yesterday’s. The crowd reacted at big moments but not too much other than that. Also I think the 4 start time led to a weird atmosphere.

  3. Keith McBride Says:

    I’m sure it had to do with the fact that large numbers of people left with over 10 minutes left to play.The area behind the basket on the entrance side of the court had a large hole right in the center of it.People like to complain when they think “Pitt should play better” but when they do, as they did yesterday, people think its boring…Sure St. John’s looked awful, but that team has beaten us twice in the past few years, I’m sure Jamie Dixon wasn’t uninterested by the double-digit win.

  4. Jason Cramer Says:

    Yeah that was weird fans were leaving early. I don’t understand what the deal with that is; to beat the traffic walking down the hill or across the field to their dorms. Why leave a game we are winning?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Doyle Hudson had 4 points and 1 rebound yesterday in 4 minutes. Why doesn’t he get more minutes? He is really the only other true center we have.

  6. Jason Cramer Says:

    Really? I don’t think Doyle has what it takes to get more minutes. He is just a body to fill out the bench. Even in garbage time yesterday he didn’t look that great. I liked that drop step he used yesterday though. Levon and Biggs are fine playing center when Gray is on the bench. Doyle is only 6’8 remember not a true center at all.

  7. Jason DeWalt Says:

    Doyle isn’t that great of a basketball player. He came in with a class of great players and was overshadowed immediately. However he was much more effective guarding Patrick O’Bryant than aaron was last year. So maybe he isn’t that bad after all.

  8. Jason Cramer Says:

    Well pretty much anybody could have guarded O’Bryant better than Gray. I will give him credit for that but he really is just an after thought in this program. We need to look at guys like Sam and Biggs to have an affect on our frontcourt.

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