Another Good Win

Sorry this is coming a little late the next day I was a little tired and I lost my voice down in Morgantown yesterday. The bus ride there took forever and we got in the arena about 7 or 8 minutes before tip. WVU split the Oakland Zoo contingent into two groups I guess to cut down on the noise coming from us.

The arena in Morgantown looks like a budget version of the Richmond Coliseum where I used to go see pro wrestling shows as a kid when I lived in Virginia. Making the entire student section cover one side of the stadium created a good visual but it messed with the sound in the arena. All the noise from the students kinda was muffled and the non-student fans didn’t make enough noise most of the game.

As for the game we played pretty well considering the circumstance of being off 10 days before this game. I would like to be one of the first to welcome back the real Sam Young, I knew that other guy in your jersey wasn’t you. Sam was such a difference maker last night on both ends. He cuts such a presence with his athleticism if we can get more performances like that from him down the stretch we are going to be that much tougher to beat. Aaron Gray put in a solid performance and was catching it from the hoopie student section all night. I was personally offended by the comments that they made about him *wink wink*. He stayed out of foul trouble and got 31 minutes just like the team needed. Playing against that zone Gray needed to take up space down low and disrupt their defensive flow. Ramon hit two big three’s late in the game and made his clutch foul shots. I should just save that description for Ramon and paste it into every game recap I do.

WVU is a one-trick pony plain and simple. They shot 6-27 from 3-point land so they lost. The thing that shocked me about them is how unathletic they looked. Pitt was getting easy steals from the WVU player coming off a backscreen and not creating seperation. I realize they got it back to 5 late but that was just a case of the 3-ball going in. If Pitt plays a better game at home on Senior Night we could send off Antonio, Levon, Doyle, and Aaron with a 25 to 30 point win.

Also what is the deal with the morbidly obsese student that they drag out during timeouts to rile up the crowd? Is it funny in Morgantown to be on the fast track to heart disease at 19. I’m being legitimately serious we may not be the classiest student section ever but how does the athletic department let that happen. Any WVU fans reading this please tell me whats up with that kid in the comments you can even call me what you called Aaron Gray last night I don’t care.

See you Saturday for Providence.


7 Responses to “Another Good Win”

  1. thank you oakland zoo Says:

    Oakland Zoo, the man on the right is Pitt bound thanks to you. Enjoy the moment, this spotlight is yours for helping in the turn around of our football program., thank you Oakland Zoo for making Pittsburgh an even more attractive place to play and great job on the homemade signs.

  2. B-rad Says:

    I agree that Pitt probably does have the classiest fans in the NCAA. And that fat kid dancing to YMCA was the funniest damn thing I have ever seen in my life.

  3. Jason Dewalt Says:

    It wasnt funny in my opinion. In fact I thought it was pretty sad. I don’t see where people get off laughing or cheering for a morbidly obese man dancing on the court. While it is tradition, it is sad that it takes a person to lose control and gain that much weight to be “cheered” by a student section.Speaking of the Mountaineer Maniacs, that was very disgusting to have to hear Gray’s a F****t and Eat Sh** Pitt on TV. HOWEVER!!!! It was great that all of you on the trip made the LETS GO PITT audible. You made my night guys, thanks.

  4. Jason Cramer Says:

    Everybody is happy that Shady McCoy is coming to Pitt. We got some stuff in the works when Pryor visits on Junior recruiting night too.

  5. Jason Cramer Says:

    I couldn’t believe that “Lets Go Pitt” was audible on the broadcast. We all yelled our heads off I still can’t talk from the game.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Question for you zoo kids. I was at the game (sitting about 5 rows infront of you guys) and was wondering how did you get the tickets and set up for the road trip?? I think that was a great idea and would love to see the Zoo at most of the roadgames.

  7. Keith McBride Says:

    The Pitt Program Council had a trip last year to WVU, and repeated again this year. From what I heard last season, it was a deal between Pitt and WVU that they would give each other a group of seats for students. Don’t know the details on that though.There will be some Pitt fans at Georgetown.

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