Oakland Zoo vs Gold Rush

I don’t know that there is really too much to say about last night’s game at WVU. Sam Young did what Sam Young is known for: dunking like a badass. Congratulations to him on a fantastic game, I’ll be getting to a Player Spotlight for him pretty soon. Ronald didn’t shoot much, but made them count. Isn’t that what you really want from him anyway? Gray was a rebound short of a double-double, and when that is a disappointment, you don’t have much to complain about.

I’d like to focus more on the experience of the Zoo invading the hostile Morgantown crowd, self-titled the “Gold Rush.”

Now, I know that the Zoo has had a bad marks for language, once known as one of the most vulgar student sections in the country. Due in large part to the current Zoo leadership, the mentality for the majority of us has changed. Anyone who knows the repercussions of the Notre Dame chants knows the severity of the matter. Sure, we say “sucks,” and its pretty well known by the fans. Sure, we might chant “bullsh*t” or “alcoholic,” but most of the really obscene things stay directed at the players on the floor. We don’t make a habit of having nearly a quarter of our attending fans cursing every third word.

I think just about anyone who attended the game, or could hear their cheers on the TV, would agree that the idea of being “classy” students is more than just rhetoric coming from our athletic department. Someone said yesterday on the bus, “You go to West Virginia with certain stereotypes, and they prove them all right.”

Not only did their “Gold Rush” seem to love the “Gray’s a fa**ot,” I think they thought it was quite creative as well. I mean of all the things they could have said, I think they must laud the intelligence of the fan who thought of that one. “He ain’t that good, he’s the Big East pre-season player of the year, but he’s jus’ a big fa**et.” So creative, it might have called for a burnt couch.

But, as much as new ideas are obviously encouraged at the school (see above), they showed they still have a soft spot for the old “Eat sh*t Pitt.” I think the love for that cheer is bred, or inbred, into them in childhood. Along with a love for cousins, tobacco, and moonshine, a hatred for Pitt is a staple of West Virginian life. I really enjoyed how the drunken, middle aged men, who continually gave us the finger during the game, seemed to have no problem with their vulgarity being witnessed by nearby children. To them, this behavior is actually encouraged.

Now, understand, I am not saying vulgarity is incapable of being humorous. But sometimes, when all you can think up is, “James is a fa**ot,” pause for a moment, and remember that we don’t live in Hicktown, USA. The fact that we have a university which is not a national joke, maybe the idea of “sportsmanship” isn’t just rhetoric after all.

I don’t believe any Marquette fans walked away a few weeks ago thinking that we were inbred, drunken hillbillies. Let’s keep it that way.


3 Responses to “Oakland Zoo vs Gold Rush”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Actually, the sad irony is that many of those idiot fans – the “students” at least (and I use that term loosley) – are from the ‘burbs of Pittsburgh (and Philly and D.C.). It breaks my heart to see my fellow yinzers sink like that.Still, the larger point remains – their fans remind us that WVU is in fact just Slippery Rock with a monorail.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    From way up in the visting team seats, some buddies and I were admiring the WVU dance team when we noticed they weren’t wearing shoes!! After many jokes about the stereotype we realized that they were wearing flesh colored dance shoes, but the effect was probably what they wanted–what better way to attract another Hoopie.

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