Louisville Recap

Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong about last night. Louisville came out from the opening tip and dominated. At no point was Pitt in the game. Pitt looked confused by the pressing zone that Pitino has been running forever. We were miserable on the offensive end, by my count we had about three open looks the entire game. Defensively we were getting beat off the dribble and committing stupid foul after stupid foul. That was the most embarassing performance I have ever seen at the Pete. I have been going to games for 3 years now and been watching us since we moved to the Pete.

I was told to wait until this morning to write this column because I’m extremely upset with two players on our team. So instead of naming these players and openly trashing them like I was going to I am going to give you some stats. Player A has more personal fouls than fields goals made this year, the only player on our team to accomplish such a feat. Player B is shooting a magical 26% over the past four games. Can you guess which two I’m talking about?

Please everyone don’t blame the refs for us losing last night. The team played so bad we could have had any crew doing the game and still lost. When you play like you want to lose the game, except Tyrell Biggs, your going to lose.

This isn’t the end of the world though Pitt is just now going to have to win at Georgetown and at Marquette. Washington is coming on Saturday and we need to come out and make a statement. Hawes is going to cause Gray problems down low. Somebody is going to have to step up and score or we might get more of last night.

Everybody enjoy your Valentine’s Day with that special someone or just do what I’m doing watching the Pens game and acting like last night didn’t happen. I’m out.


19 Responses to “Louisville Recap”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sloppy play and turnovers. That’s all you have to say. Maybe they will be more protective of the ball after last nights game. Oh yeah, some work on the foul line would help too.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ill be with ya on valentines day…go pens haha maybe their effort will make up for pitt’s lack of such last night

  3. Anonymous Says:

    maybe the pens patrol will spend valentines day with me…..eh probably not

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone explain why the overflow sections for the Zoo were basically empty?They honored the high achieving athletes last night. Are all of those kids guaranteed a seat whether they actually show up or not?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    F the athletes. You come to school to get an education. You should be expected to do well in school. I dont give a rats ass if you get a 3.0 or higher. Lets go and start recognizing every student with over a 3.0 that does stuff other than drinking outside of class.

  6. Jason Cramer Says:

    We got a bad turnout because of the time. Monday at 7 is a rough start time to a game. I had to skip two classes to be at the game and it wasn’t worth it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone else agree with me that Biggs needs to play a lot more?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I too was wondering why Biggs was sitting on the bench alot last night.

  9. Keith McBride Says:

    I thought months ago that Biggs was turning into a real powerhouse. He was the leading scorer in one game and his enthusiasm pulling down rebounds was way better than even Aaron.Since then, he hasn’t done much when given his chances, and thus doesn’t get many of them now. If he can do like Sam did, show what he’s got when he does finally get on the floor, I assure you he will play more.

  10. Jason Cramer Says:

    I really like the idea of Biggs getting more minutes over the next couple of weeks. He is a good rebounder and he can score. His inexperience getting big minutes is a definite minus but he deserves a chance.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Sam and Biggs should start. Levon is worthless and mike cook isn’t as good as advertised.

  12. Jason Cramer Says:

    I don’t like Sam at the 3 because the ball is in his hands too much. He can’t use his athleticism as well as he can at the 4. I would like to see how Sam would play getting a start. Cook is struggling big time but he has shown flashes of good and even great play this season. I think he is on a bad cold streak but hopefully he is just getting it out of his system.Maybe give Benjamin a start at the 3. Put a fire under Cook.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Unprepared for the press….broke the press OK, but after that could not get into an half court offense that had any rythm….thus the turn overs. Aaron Gray turned around twice and threw the ball to….nobody.Pitino did a masterful scouting job…..then prepared his team to try something that could possibly win the game…it worked.Not to worry….Jamie Dixon is a good coach, this mistake will not happen again. Can the Panthers win the Big East tourney….it all depends on the match ups. Can the Panthers make it past the second round of the NCAA…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Jason, how was your valentines day with the pens??

  15. Anonymous Says:

    The Zoo was disappointing for a game against a top notch team like Louisville.I couldn’t see the same thing happening at Cameron.

  16. Jason Cramer Says:

    My Valentine’s Day with the Pens was great. The game was insane and the Pens have as many points as the Thrashers now.As for the Zoo being disappointing, yes we didn’t get a chance to be in the game. The Cameron comment is ridiculous though. The Zoo has been around for less than a decade. The Cameron Crazies have a long history of winning and national championship teams. They also play in an arena the size of the Fitz. If you put a game at the field with only the Zoo the noise would be unbearable. I hope one day we are as organized as the Cameron Crazies but noise wise I think we are well on our way.

  17. Verle Says:

    Not well on your way if you dont do it the entire game. You can speak for yourself, and that’s awesome. YOU NEED TO MOTIVATE OTHERS. 50-60% of the zoo is people that just sit there, and it’s not just me that thinks it. The Zoo can be 10X the way it is. So, let’s step it up

  18. Verle Says:

    Plus as far as the organization is concerned, the people in charge try a lot to get things going, but student support is mediocre at best. It could be so much better. Go to the events, go to the meetings, we aren’t close to the Cameron Crazies b/c of lack of time as an established group, but of apathy to those that assume that just because they wear a shirt it means they are part of the Zoo. The kids in the Zoo that matter are those that jump and yell for 40 minutes and those that get in the players heads.

  19. Jason DeWalt Says:

    Right on Verle. Lets kick these kids in the ass and make some noise!!!

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