Washington Recap

There isn’t really much to say about the game yesterday. I thought that the team looked a little flat early but came on much stronger in the second half. Pitt shot 36% while Washington shot 42% and still somehow won the game. Mike Cook had the best game he has had in a while scoring 15 points. Points really came from everywhere with four players scoring in double digits. The inside game is still missing in action. Washington had 11 more rebounds and caused Gray and Kendall and all kinds of problems. Gray was a non-factor on the offensive end but he did grab 10 boards. Hopefully, he is ready to go against Seton Hall but if he isn’t look for Biggs to get his chance playing significant minutes.

As for the performance of the Zoo it was a repeat of the past couple of games. At times we had more enthusiasm than Providence and Louisville games but it wasn’t sustained. What is our problem? We aren’t holding up our end of the bargain in these games. The Pete needs to be a place other teams hate playing at again. What can we do to fix it for the final home game? Give the leaders suggestions don’t just complain about what you think they are doing wrong. If you are in the student section make sure you are making as much noise as you can. Stop expecting us to win every game in a blowout. The Oakland Zoo isn’t dead or in a coma, like some tough guys who hide behind their keyboards say, there just needs to be more effort out of all of us.


8 Responses to “Washington Recap”

  1. Verle Says:

    I agree, Jason. Not Dead. But mild to say the least. What can we do? I mentioned to Dave and Derek that maybe pregame announcements or some address to the zoo might do something. I’m thinking of what to do…Any ideas would be great.

  2. Jason Cramer Says:

    I don’t know what we need to do. I think its a matter of motivation and everybody caring more. Its hard to force the crowd to make it better.

  3. Verle Says:

    Thats a good point. you’d think a top 10 basketball program would be motivation enough.

  4. Jason Cramer Says:

    Yeah I don’t know what it is about our crowd this year. Does it have to do with the lack of ranked opponents coming to the Pete? We were great against UConn earlier this year and against Marquette. I’m really confused about the lack of support.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think a problem is that people dont have someone to look for in the game for motivation. The past couple years, the zoo fed off of krausers energy. Before it was krauser it was brandon, julius and brown. This year it seems at times like this team doesn’t have energy. Ive been to almost every game since the pete opened and i remember how crazy the zoo would get during player anouncements. In taft’s freshman year the zoo and the whole pete would be going crazy when he was announced. I just dont see the energy this year

  6. Verle Says:

    Yea, I can definitely see that.I wish young or fields could just motion to the crowd. It’d make a world of difference if they just did the pregame stuff krauser would do when he just looked at the crowd. It would be awesome.

  7. Jason Cramer Says:

    Great point I’ve thought the same thing all year. We don’t have any players that wear their emotions on their emotions on their sleeve like Krauser. I miss players getting emotional and screaming at the zoo. I was shocked yesterday when Mike Cook tried to pump the crowd. It was so out of character for him. We need more of that.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i agree jason…the “x” from carl got the crowd involved, pointing to the crowd…the most we’ve gotten of that this year is from dominic james and sosa of louisville taunting us

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