My Two Cents

Keith covered the main points of the game tonight well. All our seniors gave big effort in their final game at the Pete. Kendall played the best game he played all year tonight. Fields put on a exhibition on how to point guard against a zone in the second half. Cook finished them off with two big threes. Another performance to look at was Mr. Don Bosco Prep himself Tyrell Biggs. He came off the bench to give an emotional lift to the team that was a welcome surpise.

Lets enjoy this win we needed this after the Georgetown game. Beating WVU at anything makes anyone affiliated with this University smile. The fact that this was Senior Night made it so much more satisfying.

The Zoo was on fire tonight, it was a complete return of the energy that makes the experience so special. Got on the WVU players from the start and covered up the noise of hoopies in attendance. Everyone in the Zoo remember what that sounded and felt like that’s a homecourt advantage.

Be ready for the Marquette game on Saturday they are going to give us much more problems than WVU. WVU sucks and I hope they like going to the NIT.


17 Responses to “My Two Cents”

  1. ~ The Oakland Zoo ~ Says:

    We were worried about the Zoo after the lackluster performances starting with the Providence game, but WVU always brings out the fire in the Zoo. Its amazing to compare us to the Mountaineer Maniacs who are classless and not passionate. I just hope that we can keep the excitement for next year. We need everyone to pitch in.See you in the Zoo next year.

  2. HAHA we swept WVU Says:

    Great performance, i’m glad we showed up for a rivalry game and put them hicks in their place. NIT is right, and a Big East Tourney Championship is on the way for us. Go UConn, let Pitt win the title!

  3. Jason Cramer Says:

    I like the feeling of not even worrying about beating WVU. It was just a matter of time until we pulled away and started to dominate. I didn’t mention it in the article but we should some maturity and class last night. We kept the “Go Home Mountainqueers” to a minimum and brought good strong noise. The announcers were extremely impressed with us and that is what we need. Keep it up everyone who is coming back next year.

  4. Jason Cramer Says:

    Is Alexander seriously going pro? He can’t think he would be wanted by an NBA team. He was handled by Graves and Cook guys who are inches shorter than him. I can’t tell if its just a joke.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Pittsnogle needs some help on the god awful explosion. maybe thats what he means.NIT NIT NIT

  6. Jason Cramer Says:

    Well they do play a thousand games a year. Maybe Pittsnogle needs a corn dog cooker. I imagine his wife doesn’t travel out of state much.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    From a season ticket holder – Nice job Zoo. Created a great atmosphere before the game and throughout. That is the way it was when the Pete first opened. Too bad the season ticket holders can’t get to the game any earlier than tip-off, though. Missed a good senior day ceremony.How in the heck did WVU beat UCLA? And our Young played better than theirs, even on the bench in the 2nd half!

  8. Jason Cramer Says:

    UCLA was missing their starting point guard. They went like four minutes without a basket. I guess even a blind inbred squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

  9. Keith McBride Says:

    the Xplosion don’t play 1000 games per year.and Mrs. Heather Pittsnogle attends every game (or at least the two ive seen)

  10. Derek Says:

    Keith, it’s sarcasm for comedy’s sake. Just like watching the Xplosion… basketball for comedy’s sake

  11. Jason Cramer Says:

    I was joking I know nothing about the xplosion. Thanks for the correction. WOW

  12. Keith McBride Says:

    I’m aware that 1000 games was an exaggeration, but they really don’t play that many games at all. I’m not an NBA person, but I’d guess that they play fewer games than an NBA team does. That’s what I meant.And of course, watching an Xplosion game is solely for comedy’s sake.

  13. ~ The Oakland Zoo ~ Says:

    The thing about the explosion is they only play from like december to april so they fit a ton of games in a short amount of time. I just hate when we try to have a meeting at the Pete and Pittsnogle and his ugly wife are in my building.

  14. Keith McBride Says:

    Just to avoid any further ridicule:I have attended two Xplosion games this season. I think of it like Mystery Science Theater 3000. You get to go and watch the worst professional basketball you can. Just about everything about the game (the in-game entertainment, the announcers, the players, the coaches, the fans) is hilarious.Don’t knock it till you try it man. Fun as hell.

  15. Derek Says:

    I’ve been at a couple… they’re very entertaining except for the basketball part of it (always nice to see little Kwinsey Pittsnogle after all). I personally like the live DJ wearing a Pitt jersey even though he’s getting paid by the Xplosion… also, who pays these people? And how can they afford to rent our building when there’s like 10 people in the crowd?

  16. Keith McBride Says:

    i dont understand the economics either. they get like several hundred fans. i just sneak in on the elevator from the lobby

  17. Jason Cramer Says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever been to a game but I remember hearing Arman Gilliam played for them and laughing. I thought that dude was like 90 years old.

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