Panthers Get Double-Dose of Marquette Woes

The Pitt women lost in their second-round game in the Big East Tournament on Sunday after their first-round victory over Cincinnati.

Pitt had beaten both of these teams earlier this season. The ladies had a pretty dominant game against Cincinnati, and went to overtime to down Marquette.

They played a tight rematch against Cincinnati in the tournament, while only pulling away in the final minutes of the game. The Marquette rematch was just as tight as the first game they played at the Pete earlier this season, but the Golden Eagles decided to rub it in after the defeat of the Pitt men the day before.

Some points of interest:
The women have a school-record for wins this season, now at 23-8.
Next Monday, following the festivites of the Selection Sunday event at the Pete, the NCAA Women’s Tournament seedings will be revealed on ESPN, referred to as “Selection Monday.”
It is expected that that Pitt will be awarded their first ever entry into the big dance.
When Pitt plays in the tourney, they are guaranteed a spot on their home court for the first two rounds.
Even though I was told earlier to the contrary, a recent ad in the Pitt news said that student tickets would be sold for the event for $5. If you are not hitting the road to watch the men that weekend, I strongly hope that you will go and support the women at the Pete.


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