New York, New York

Just thought I would give everyone an update. I am currently sitting in Manhattan waiting for the night session of the tournament watching Tommy Boy and drinking some “beverages” with the Zoo leadership. We have been here since yesterday morning and are pumped like crazy for the game. The Zoo will definitely out in force at the Garden tonight.

I watched the entire Marquette-St. John’s game at the team bar last night, let’s hope that Marquette team shows up. James looked really bad last night but I wouldn’t expect a repeat performance. The guy for us to watch out for is Fitzgerald he played great last night because he got open looks. Whoever is guarding him, probably Mike Cook, needs to watch him at all times because he has hurt us this year and is playing great basketball. Overall, if Marquette plays like last night we will beat them.

I will be able to give updates all week from the tournament and the atmosphere surrounding it. For one night only LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS. Taking out Louisville could make our trip to the final easier because Georgetown isn’t going to get a game until the final.


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