Women’s Team Facing #1 Seed Tennessee

Alright guys… the women’s team is making their first NCAA Tournament appearance, and last night they had an amazing performance and took it to #9 seed (and underrated) James Madison. They now face quite possibly the hottest team in women’s college basketball with the #1 seeded Tennessee Vols on Tuesday night at 7. We were embarrassed last night when James Madison’s student section was at least 5 times larger than ours, and they traveled from Virginia to be there, when we were apparently too lazy to walk up the hill.

These girls deserve our support just as much as the men do in their matchup against Benedict Howland on Thursday. Obviously the vast majority of us cannot be in attendance in San Jose because it’s ridiculously expensive to get there, but there’s no reason we can’t be there tomorrow at 7 to support the women.

To clear up everyone’s questions,


The women are really good and we have a chance to pull off a massive upset tomorrow night if we can play like we did last night and they have a crowd behind them. The general fans at the game were great, but the students were poorly represented.

So finally, game is at 7 on Tuesday (tomorrow), against #1 Tennessee – BE THERE.


2 Responses to “Women’s Team Facing #1 Seed Tennessee”

  1. Derek Says:

    And for the record, we were getting called out by essentially everyone at the game last night, including some crazy drunk guy (at least I hope he was drunk for his sake) bitching at us that there weren’t a ton of us there.http://pittsburgh.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=538&tid=91555086&mid=91555086&sid=996&style=2The problem is, we can’t defend ourselves when people call us out, cause there’s no reason at all we didn’t give the girls a decent student section.

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    I’ve been on board with the women’s team since about halfway through the season.They go out and play hard, and what is different than it was in past years, they are good. I used to go and think it was boring and they sucked. Now they are making great plays, taking good shots, winning games.All we can do is try to get the word out about how good they are, and if nobody shows up, I don’t know what else there is to do. I waited in the on-demand line for the men’s tickets last week and it seemed like just about every student waiting thought it was cool to make fun of all the adults who were buying women’s tickets.Next year when the Pitt women are ranked all season long, we’ll see who is laughing.

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