Great Season Women

First off I would like to that in no way am I the authority or pretend to know anything about women’s basketball. Barring a couple of games last year I never watched much of the women’s team. Last night I think that I became a full convert and I am now a fan.

Watching Tennessee and “Juwanna Man” Candice Parker(not meant as an insult so much as a recognition of great talent) have four players on the floor that could guard our biggest match-up problem Marcedes Walker, I have no idea how we stayed in the game. Every shot that we took was contested, due to the obvious physical advantages that the Lady Vols had. Shavonte Zellous hit a ton of big shots with, at times, multiple hands in her face. Walker used her size to basically muscle 19 points while getting battered down low. The second half our ladies completely outplayed them but in the end they just had too much size and too much depth for us to handle.

We lost by 14 but playing against the odds that isn’t a failure at all. Just a couple years ago the team was under.500 and the program was non-existant on the national stage. Now under Coach Berenato we are becoming a blossoming national power. Its completely shocking and impressive that she could turn around the team so fast.

I really can’t wait to see what the next couple of years hold for Pitt Women’s Basketball. Thanks for a great game and a great season ladies.


One Response to “Great Season Women”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    u referred to Candace Parker as “Juwanna Man” and u don’t consider that as offensive? c’mon man, you’re comparing her to a man dressed up as a woman….

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