Blue-Gold Notes

After much discussion of the upcoming season, the scrimmage has given me the following impressions:
DeJuan Blair deserves to start at center. He already looks more athletic than Aaron Gray.
Levance Fields has lost a lot of weight. He looks faster and more muscular.
Sam Young seems to be in tune already. I believe he will step up this year.
Brad Wannamaker looks to be a good upgrade, or at least an even replacement, for Antonio Graves.

Gilbert Brown stole the show. I had believed his role on this team was somewhat debatable, but his game today showed that he does deserve the hype people have built around him. Although there appears to be a surplus of guards/forwards, I think he should get a fair amount of time, if nothing else but to prepare him for next year.

Let’s get ready for the big UPJ showdown.

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2 Responses to “Blue-Gold Notes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We obviously have too many players to see game action every night, who will be the redshirtee’s this season?

  2. J Jones Says:

    Darnell Dotson definitely will redshirt and perhaps McGhee but he looked like he could contribute now. Plus his size is a necessity. Conceivably, we could go with an 11 man bench.

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