Couple Things To Look For Against UPJ

I thought about doing a preview for our preseason game against our branch campus located in Johnstown but I realized it is pointless. I know nothing about their team and I thought it would be more useful to give a couple things for everyone to watch out for. Remember this is the preseason so we are going to see players get much more minutes than they will be getting in the regular season.

1. DeJuan Blair in general at Center. He was an absolute presence in the FanFest scrimmage and I can’t wait to see him against other teams. If you haven’t seen any highlights of him be prepared to be impressed. Don’t worry if he doesn’t start this is going to be his job by the end of November.

2. The backcourt, specifically the shooting guard position, I assume that Ramon will be the penciled in starter but from then on I have no idea what happens. I’m interested to see how Wanamaker and Fields play together. Also watch out to see if Gilbert Brown gets any minutes at shooting guard, that will tip Coach Dixon’s hand on how many minutes he will get this year.

3. The battle for the power forward position. I think Sam Young takes another step forward from his play down the stretch last year. He finally has a defined role this year and I think he will thrive at the power forward. Biggs is also going to be contributing at the 4.

4. Can Mike Cook be the go to offensive scorer in the offense this year? I’m interested to see how many shots he takes in the new up-tempo offense.

So there is a couple of things for you guys to look for if you haven’t been obsessing over recruiting classes and practice reports like some of us. Show up tomorrow and get yourself back in the basketball mindset.


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