Way To Go Guys

I thought I would write a column about the game today but I’m not really sure what to think about the team yet. I’m taking a wait and see approach before making any assumptions about where the team stands. Nobody got injured and everybody got to play so thats all that matters in these exhibition games. The real games start this week and thats when I’m going to start analyzing the team.

All that being said I want to get to the real news coming out of the game, the Zoo is back in form. The new mocking each individual player chant is the funniest thing ever. It kept everyone in the game and is original. I hope that we keep this going for the entire year and we will do everything we can to make sure it continues. There is a new enthusiasm and attitude that I think is for the best. I can only imagine what we looked like to the IUP players. I’m all for making a fool out of myself to create a better atmosphere.

Great job recognizing Kevin Jones today too. He seemed excited to get recognized by the crowd and I hope that seals coming to Pitt for him. We are going to need him.

All in all Zoo keep it up. I had more fun today than I had at pretty much every game last year. I can’t wait to see what its going to be like during Big East season.

P.S. Lance Bass and Chin Beard you two made my day.

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3 Responses to “Way To Go Guys”

  1. zooareyou Says:

    Congratulations guys. You were in great form. Best in many years. The mocking of the players on the court was incredibly creative and required great timing. Excellent.You might want to think about replacing the “sucks” at intros with the mocking.The front row zoo kids who essentially sit opposite of the visitors bench were phenomenal. They have the true zoo spirit. Got to be honest the front row center guys need to take some cues from the other kids. The old guys are starting to seem like they don’t really care. Maybe they should relocate to the upper overflow section.Good luck with Houston Baptist.

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    I agree. Those guys suck.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, 2 exhibition games into the season and we’re already calling out the students? Jeez. It’s a good thing all of the rich ass donors showed up because without them the Pete would be silent.Worst…..Post……Ever.

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