Houston Huskies and Derek Jeter

So today was a great day to be a Pitt fan. I spent about 6 hours in the Zoo today, and that’s just the first day of three.

I believe that DeJuan has, once again, given Pitt fans a reason to love him. I can’t remember Aaron Gray ever giving an alley-oop to anyone. When he gets matched against guys who haven’t spent their collegiate careers in Division II, I’m sure he will struggle. The point is that he has talent, he has style, and he is only a freshman.

Sam Young, on the other hand, is already a junior. He has two seasons under his belt, and he doesn’t have a whole lot to show for it. Between all his injuries, he has given fans lots of individual games that leave us in awe. I, for one, have been a big fan of his from day one. I think many people will agree, Sam Young could be something really special this year. Even DeJuan said that they have good chemistry together. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Our guards really fell apart today. With the exception of Keith making a surprising four 3-pointers, our outside shooting was laughable. At one point we were 1-for-15. With all the “professional” writers talking about how Pitt is going to rely on its guards, tonight is not a shining example. If they start making those shots, Sam and DeJuan have a lot less attempts, which wouldn’t really be a bad thing. But, for now, I think we can agree that things worked themselves out.

Since there are a reasonable number of alums that read this site, as well as other non-student fans, I would like to take a step back and explain the ruckus this evening which may or may not have been visible.

If you have already read Jason’s column below, and my response in the comments section, you have likely read Andrew Schall’s criticism of our beloved Zoo. While he might have witnessed a lackadaisical crowd at the UPJ game, citing unoriginality and apathy, tonight he saw what makes us special.

I have seen some pretty good heckles in my day, we have been given the finger by players, yelled at by coaches, threatened to be kicked out of the game by refs, but tonight was the first time we have called out one of our own. I don’t know most of the people in the crowd, and I probably never will, but there is something very unifying about making an ass out of someone in front of thousands of people. The Derek Jeter chant will be something I always remember about the Zoo. Good job tonight on that.

I do, however, believe that we proved our dear friend Andrew wrong. So, I would suggest we cut him a break from now on. The fact of the matter is that he is a Pitt fan, and a newly initiated Zoo member. After tonight, he will either be too afraid to ever show his face again, or loyal enough to come back and cheer along with us.

I show this hospitality (we did win a sportsmanship award, right?) by offering an open invitation to Mr. Andrew Schall to send me a follow-up to his original article in the Pitt News. I wouldn’t go expecting a retraction to be written in the paper, but perhaps something about how his opinions of us might have changed after tonight. I give you the opportunity to put your thoughts up on this website for everyone to see, completely unedited. The Zoo leaders have always said that they welcome criticism. If you think you have some valid ideas or improvements, I know they would be eager to hear them.

If you are friends with the aforementioned, please point him over to this website, because I very much doubt he is one of our regular readers.


2 Responses to “Houston Huskies and Derek Jeter”

  1. J Jones Says:

    I bow to the clarity and direct nature of your article, Keith. Good job.

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