Agnus goes digital

For those of you that download the Pitt Athletics Podcast (all three of you) you noticed that Women’s Basketball coach Agnus Berenato has her own podcast, starting today.

She has done several interviews so far and today was the first show devoted to her. I assume this will be either a weekly show or a per-game recap of sorts.

For those of you who live in a cave and don’t know what a podcast is, I’ll clear it up for you:

The athletic department’s website has a podcast section.
If you aren’t an iTunes user, you can choose to download the new shows right from that page.
If you have iTunes, you can click here to open up the podcast in iTunes. If you have this set up, it will automatically download each new show for you, and you can sync it to your iPod.

If you haven’t yet come to the realization that the women are worth watching (and your $0 price of admission) then you should come out to their next home game on December 5. They have four away games before then, and you can be sure to get Agnus’s report on her show.

I applaud the athletic department for starting up these shows, it seems too often that the school jumps on the technology bandwagon too late. It is a great way to hear about all of the different sports going on right now, not just basketball.
I applaud Agnus, particularly, for seeing an opportunity to communicate directly with the fans. Obviously she doesn’t get the media attention that Jamie does, so this is a perfect solution.


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