BU Recap (this will sound familiar)

It seems like every time I sit down to write one of these recaps, they all come out the same- so I’ll keep this one short. It was great to see Ronny finally hit his shots, erasing the early slump he was in and showing that this team can win a bit of a sloppy game. The team as a whole shot 10-22 (45.5%) from beyond the arc, a huge improvement from their earlier games. I can’t help but get the feeling, though, that they’re getting a little bored playing these easy teams. It was never really a game, as BU was really a two-person team- John Holland had 14 points and Carlos Strong contributed a game-high 24, accounting for 38 out of BU’s 53 points. The Terriers as a whole only shot 32.7% from the floor, with many of their attempts coming off of broken plays and desperation heaves.

I was a little concerned with the play of the backups, but they were mostly playing as a full squad, instead of two or three backups and the rest starters. Cook, Fields, Young, and Blair all had very solid games, even though you could tell that by the second half, they were ready to play a real opponent. There’s not too much to be said about tonight’s game that hasn’t been said after the first five wins, so I’ll still hold out on my real comments until we play a team that pushes us to play to our full potential. My guess is that this will happen at the Duquesne game on December 5th, but we shall see.

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4 Responses to “BU Recap (this will sound familiar)”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Duquesne sucks. Why is everyone over rating them? Pitt will win by at least 20. Hopefully then everyone will shut the fuck up about them.

  2. Drew Margulis Says:

    Duquesne will be a legitimate test because of their big men. Achara and James are excellent post players that will truly challenge Blair. It will be interesting to see how Blair reacts and how we approach their high-powered offense as a team (their offense really started to click toward the end of last year).

  3. Keith McBride Says:

    There are only 31 unbeaten teams in the nation, Duquesne is one of them.

  4. J Jones Says:

    Duquesne is only hyped in this city. They are an improving team but they are no way in our league. If we play within 25 points of them its going to be a failure. Don’t worry about this game at all.

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