Sam Young Disappoints

After all of the outrageous dunks and alley-oops this year, tonight’s performance from Sam Young was just plain unacceptable.

Only one 3-pointer? Come on. 14 points is just not going to cut it from now on. Sure we are playing some lame opponents but what happens when we get to the Big East? You can’t just score in double-digits each game and expect everyone to love you. Aaron Gray would be the first to tell you that.

I have outlined some goals that Sam Young should have for each game from this point forward:
– At least two dunks per half
– Five or more points in the first 5:00 of play
– Make no less than two 3-pointers per game, shooting 70% or better
– Give a shot fake at least 50% of your possessions

In all seriousness, congratulations to Sam for another great night. With a slow start, he was still nearly the leading scorer in a blowout where each player on the roster saw time on the floor.

Personally, I’m glad Sam had a rough start to the game today. I feel like he has been too successful so far this season, and I’d rather see him struggle for the first time against a team whose mascot is a Terrier.

When we get to play against Washington and Oklahoma State, teams that are decent but a bit lacking this season, I’d hate to see some miscues leading to frustration on the floor. Some days the shots fall, or in this case dunks, and some days they don’t. You just have to keep playing, and maybe you’ll end up the leading scorer anyway.


4 Responses to “Sam Young Disappoints”

  1. Drew Margulis Says:

    Truth be told, I think he kind of fell into the same trap as the rest of the team…boredom. It was a sloppy game at the beginning, and eventually in the second half there was no real effort. But I’ll take a W any way by any score…see the Steelers Monday night game as an example.

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    and see, I was trying to be the only person in Pittsburgh writing about this game to avoid the obligatory Jeff Reed reference…

  3. Kevin Says:

    Sam was trying to do a little too much last night. I think he was playing a bit over his head. He needs to know that he isn’t the type of guy that can dribble out of a press, or even carry the ball up court like a guard. He is best suited to play power forward and when he plays like a power forward he can be amazing. He just needs to get that SG/SF thinking out of his head.

  4. J Jones Says:

    Yeah I totally agree Sam under no circumstances should be handling the basketball. He has to either catch and shoot or pass the ball off. When he puts the ball on the floor 75% of the time he has to immediately pick up his dribble, this isn’t a real knock on him he just can’t play like a hybrid SF/PF. His success comes from using his athletic ability to slip away from defenders and get open looks (i.e. jumpers and dunks).I really hope this game gave him a reality check about his fascination with dribbling. Coach Dixon should hold him accountable for his turnovers early in the season. If he does what he did yesterday in a bigger game it will kill us. His turnovers are fixable but only if he continues to play within himself.Sam has made leaps and bounds in his performance this year but against BU he was extremely disappointing. I just hope he keeps himself under control and gets his easy points against Toledo.

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