Pitt finally goes on the road

Tomorrow will be Pitt’s first road game of the season. There has been quite a discussion so far about what the Panthers should expect from Duquesne. While I don’t think it will be that close, I think Duquesne is the perfect stepping stone for the next set of matchups that Pitt has to look forward to. With Oklahoma State, Washington, and Duke fast approaching, it is about time for Pitt to try out a decent, if not good, opponent.

There have been times this season that the Panthers have struggled. Tomorrow night, DeJuan Blair can not afford to get into early foul trouble. I think he and Biggs can share the time and be able to handle everything that the Dukes have.

I have faith that Levance will rebound from his awful shooting performance last time, and that he, Ronald, and Mike Cook will be able to play their tempo. Mike, particularly, showed some great energy in the last game, and I expect him to be just as into the game tomorrow.

Hopefully lots of you Zoo fans will be at the game. We will be bringing some Zoo News from the last game so that anyone who wants one can hold it up during Duquesne’s intro. See you there.


2 Responses to “Pitt finally goes on the road”

  1. J Jones Says:

    Duquesne is comically overrated. The media in this city is going crazy if they think this game will be a huge test. What this game will show us about the team is that they can keep a high energy level for a whole game.I’m very impressed with what is happening down Fifth Ave. in terms of turning around the program but I have no worries about this game. The Dukes lots to Drake, while we have been humiliating teams of a similar stature. I’m going to be so happy when this game is over so they can go back to hyping Duquesne without mentioning us.

  2. Brian Ising Says:

    I don’t think you guys need to worry about the team’s focus tonight. In much the same way that the football team was sick of hearing the hype about WVU, I think that the basketball team is sick of hearing the hype about Duquesne. We’ll be ready to play and will not let up against these guys.Pitt by 15-20.

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