City Game Wrap-Up

Well, I can’t say I was too surprised about the way the Duquesne game went, but it almost happened in reverse. While I expected the Dukes to stay with us early and then for Pitt to pull away near the end, we instead started off with a high-energy 14-0 run and allowed Duquesne to catch up to us. I was rather concerned with a few things in the City Game, but my #1 concern right now is Levance Fields. While it was great to see him hit key shots at the end of the game, for the most part his offense was rather terrible. You could see him getting frustrated, especially in the second half, when he was trying to force floaters that just weren’t falling. I really hope that Krauser isn’t getting into Levance’s head- I was really upset that he was called for a five-second penalty, and it seemed that once he got the ball past halfcourt, he was trying to do too much by himself. We needed to keep the flow of the first few minutes when we were moving the ball, finding open shots, and playing with energy.

That all being said, Duquesne is definitely an underrated team. They weren’t hitting many of their shots, but Shawn James is a real baller. A junior who redshirted last year after getting shot before the season, James really disrupted Pitt’s inside game, finishing with 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 blocks (which is still 4 blocks below his season average). When he fouled out near the end of the game, it was a huge boost for Pitt and helped us win. Speaking of fouls, the officiating of this game was awful- Pitt was called for some terrible defensive fouls, and Duquesne got away with a few double dribbles and a carry or two. Props to Duquesne for hitting many of their free throws in early part of the game, it really kept them in it until their shots started falling. It was good, however, that Pitt never lost the lead in this game, and that they stayed in it to pull the victory out at the end. I think we should see a great bounce-back game against Washington, but I would keep an eye out for Levance in that game to see if he tries to spread the ball around again.


2 Responses to “City Game Wrap-Up”

  1. J Jones Says:

    Really uneven officiating all night caused that game to be as close as it was. There is a big problem developing on the bench with Biggs continuing to be a liability on both ends. His defense is at best piss-poor and he isn’t hitting the board at all. When Blair or Young get into foul trouble we could be in big trouble. Biggs and it seems from his early season play Diggs can’t handle big minutes.Overall I was impressed with how Duquesne stayed in the game. James is the real deal but the rest of the team isn’t anything special. The scoreline last night was very deceiving but Duquesne is much improved.I’m very interested in what is going to happen Saturday at Washington. I see this as our first real test away from home. Blair is going to get all he can handle with Bachman too.Very fun time at the City Game last night all around.

  2. Brian Ising Says:

    Don’t spend too much time fretting about Levance. He is the best PG in the BE and our most indispensable player. After a shaky first half, he settled down and played a great 2nd half. He had no turnovers after the break and scored 4 consecutive points when we needed them the most. His outside shooting always has been and always will be inconsistent due to his odd stroke, but I have no doubt that he will come around in that area.The #1 concern for me at this point in the season is our post defense. I agree with Jason that Biggs was pretty terrible against Duquesne. However, he had looked much improved up to that point, so I don’t think we should give up on him after one poor game. Also, something pretty ridiculous to consider: how many front courts will we face this year that are better than Duquesne’s with James and Achara? I would say that Georgetown (Hibbert) and Washington (Brockman) will be better. Against the rest of our schedule, I don’t think that our small, but athletic big guys will have such problems defensively.

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