Washington Huskies "Preview"

Not much of a preview, I apologize, as it’s the weekend before finals and I got caught up in my studies. Things to look out for today:

-Zone defense. The Huskies generally employ a 2-3 zone, which places an emphasis on outside shooting from the wings and the post. With the exception Young, Pitt has struggled with perimeter and mid-range shooting. OK State shot 53% from behind the arc, but they also have consistent shooters like Anderson and Muonelo. Ramon, Fields, Cook, and Young must spread the floor by making outside shots and create opportunities for Biggs and Blair.

-Jon Brockman. Yes, he’s the same height as DeJuan and weighs less, but Brockman is one helluva rebounder, scorer, and defender. Jon has the uncanny ability to find holes in box outs and score major offensive rebounds and tip-ins. His post defense is superb, and he rarely goes for pump fakes and is difficult to beat off the dribble, which has been Blair’s M.O. this season. Brockman’s main weakness is defense outside the post, which he does not have to worry about at all with Blair’s lack of a jumper. I expect DeJuan to bully him on defense, because he lacks the post moves that most big-time centers have. My main worry is that Blair gets into some serious foul trouble trying to shut down Brockman. You can’t shut down Brockman, you can only contain him.

-Quincy Pondexter vs. Sam Young. Although Romar usually employs zone defense, I expect Dixon to match Young and Pondexter up on both sides of the ball. They’re pretty much the same player. Both are streaky, have had a history of bad defense, are about the same height, and are tremendous athletes. Young’s game, as we know, has made great strides. Judging from Pondexter’s numbers from this season, his offensive ability is still there, but the defense has been still lacking. I expect a huge game from Young, as Dixon exploits Pondexters defensive incompetence. This will also be a test for Young, and we’ll see how much his defense has really improved.


3 Responses to “Washington Huskies "Preview"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey all, UW Dawg Pack fan here. Nice win today, we were so close to swinging it our way. That Blair is seriously a tank. He definitely stepped it upfor you guys in the second half. Honestly though, as a freshman, I would suggest that he quit bantering with the crowd, he tended to do that in the first half and didn’t seem too effective. Same sort of thing happened here last year with Big Baby. Watching Brockman battle Blair at courtside was a definite treat. It looked like both teams run a similar offense, I don’t know why we had such trouble with our lay-ins.Good luck with the rest of the season.

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    Thanks, that was a rough way to lose. You guys are better than you looked against Oklahoma St.Thank you for not coming on here and being an asshole like some of the other schools’ fans do.Beat UCLA a couple times for us.

  3. Drew Margulis Says:

    I agree, thanks for being classy. I do have to disagree about Blair (and Mike Cook)…I kind of like the swagger they’ve showed this year. It’s something that we were lacking for the past year+ and so far they’ve seemed to play better with it. I agree, though, that it was great entertainment to see him and Brockman go at it…both of them had great opportunities and made some great plays.

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