Washington Notes

I take back all the bad things that I said about Levance Fields for the past few games. Yesterday he was basically the reason we won.

Sam Young had a strong second half, and once more had 10+ points.

DeJuan Blair held his own against a great big-man. He will have some more tests with UConn and Georgetown, but I think he should be more than fine against everyone else on the schedule.

Austin Wallace was not dressed for the game. He told me he broke his kneecap. That sounds like a pretty bad injury. Let’s all hope that he gets through that.

Good luck on finals, we can celebrate the end of the semester by kicking the crap out of OK St.


6 Responses to “Washington Notes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Medical redshirt for wallace?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How about the Zoo making a little noise this weekend for Gateway beast/recruit Shayne Hale, who’ll be on his official visit

  3. No respect for the zoo. Says:

    How about the Zoo and the rest of the fans making noise?Everyone loves giving the Zoo shit because they used to be vulgar.How about a big thank you for Shady McCoy.How about a thank you for the Duquesne ribbons?How about a thank you for their sponsoring a family for Christmas.Way to be the first to break this story Keith.

  4. Keith McBride Says:

    I cheer harder for Gateway beast Shayla Scott

  5. Drew Margulis Says:

    Oh definitely Keith…she’s worth more than any All-American football player haha

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Easy there tiger. Absolutely didn’t intend to give the Zoo any shit. I’m thankful for all they do, and I know they’re the biggest reason we signed McCoy on that Gameday weekend. That’s why I wanted to make sure Hale’s name is out there.

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