New Year

Hey all- sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I was out of country (and therefore away from internet and most of civilization) since the day after the Duke game. By now, you all know about Levance’s injury- two to three months on the bench- and the challenges this Panther team has facing it. The Dayton game was, to put it lightly, a disaster- poor shooting, poor shot selection, and poor ball movement will doom a team every time. I’m not using that game as a measuring point, because it’s tough to lose two of the top players and expect to get right on track in just a half of basketball, but this is not a process that Pitt can afford to have take up 10 games in this Big East schedule. Brad Wanamaker and Gilbert Brown are going to have to learn on the fly if we want to have anything more than minimal success in Big East play this year. Hopefully, we’ll have Levance back before the conference tournament, and make some noise past the sweet 16 this March.

Looking ahead, Pitt plays a final non-conference game against 8-4 Lafayette, a game against a team notorious for being undersized and overpowered on the boards, and Pitt will have to exploit this to beat them on Wednesday night. Hopefully, the run-and-gun offense will be stowed away for the Pitt basketball of old- ball control, strong rebounding, and great defense. Tomorrow’s game will tell us quite a bit about the resiliency of this team after getting rather embarrassed at Dayton, and also about our chances for the rest of the season.


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