Avoiding Another Dayton in Ohio

At first, the comparison between Dayton and Cincinnati doesn’t really compute- Dayton is 14-2, ranked in the top 20 of the country, with quality wins against Pitt, Louisville, and Rhode Island, a team that seems destined for a high seed in the NCAAs. Cincinnati is 8-9, losing to UAB, St. John’s, Illinois St. and Belmont all by double-digits. However, look a little more closely and this contest isn’t as easy at it would first appear. Cinci has played #2 Memphis to within 10 points, and has home wins against Louisville and Villanova, and both teams are led by a high-scoring, sharpshooting guard- Dayton’s Brian Roberts and Cinci’s Deonta Vaughn. Not only that, but in both of our trips to the state of Ohio, the Panthers were coming off of tough, emotional victories against top-5 teams in the country in Duke and Georgetown.

However, I’m not going so far as to say that this team will play us like Dayton did. At the time of that awful loss, we had just started to play without Mike Cook, and Levance Fields went out with what turned out to be a broken foot. Ronald Ramon had to get used to playing the point full time and struggled, shooting 0-8 from the field. The Panthers were outhustled and outrebounded by the Flyers, another thing I don’t expect to see this afternoon. The Bearcats average only 65.9 points per game, 15th out of 16 in the Big East, while also ranking 15th in field-goal percentage (41.8%) and rebounding (35.6 per game). We’re now a team that knows their roles, with Keith and Ronny really having stepped up the last three games to prove that this Panther lineup is one that can still beat any challenge the Big East will throw at them. I expect Pitt to own the glass today on both ends of the court, for DeJuan to completely dominate soft Cincinnati center Adam Hrycaniuk, and the Panthers to continue their roll through the Big East with a solid road win today.


4 Responses to “Avoiding Another Dayton in Ohio”

  1. Eddie Harris Says:

    Hey Lou, are we gonna have a prayer? I mean, we’re not all savages like Cerrano over there.

  2. Eddie Harris Says:

    Aw, he done hurt, done hurt himself.

  3. Eddie Harris Says:

    I’m throwing every piece of junk i can think of at them skipper.

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