Husky Wrap-Up and Hoopie Preview

Everybody hates to dwell on losses, so I’ll try to keep the negative part of this posting to a minimum. We couldn’t ever get our offense going against Connecticut, shooting only 32% for the game- not the way to win in the Big East. Pitt runs a motion offense, involving a lot of passing, screens, and jump shots, so if the shots aren’t falling, we’re going to have a tough time winning. Pitt does have the ability to drive to the hoop, but against the leading shot-blocking team in the country, that just wasn’t going to happen. We needed to shoot well to beat the Huskies, and we failed to do that. The good thing is, we know this was going to be a streaky Pitt team, and we only lost by 7 points on the road in a tough UConn atmosphere.

This team really needs Levance back. I know we have a very solid rotation in the 8 players we’re using now, but they really miss his ability to drive inside and kick out, as well as his passing into the post and really just the way he runs this team. Ronald Roman has been a great backup point guard, and Keith performed very well until late (possibly having something to do with the injured shooting hand) but Fields’ presence makes us an Elite 8 team, not just a tournament-worthy one. It’s being said that Marquette is looking less likely, though he is back on the court practicing, so maybe we can hope to have him back against the Louisville Cardinals on February 24th.

Now let’s try and focus on some positives: firstly, the Hoopies are coming to town. The last time Pitt and West Virginia met in a rather important game, the Panthers came away with a slightly memorable win on Milan Puskar field- and don’t think that game won’t be in the Mountaineers heads when they take the court at the Pete. That was a huge shocker and embarsassment for that school, and I think revenge will definitely be in their minds. Luckily for us, the Hoopies are just as streaky as the Panthers- they set some new marks in futility by going 1-22 in three-point attempts in an embarrassing home loss to the Bearcats 62-39, and good thing for the Panthers that we weren’t the bounce-back game.

The good thing for Pitt is that WVU’s roster consists of mostly large jump-shooters, guys who have the size to take it down low but are comfortable shooting from the outside, and are a little soft around the boards. Sam Young, DeJuan Blair, and Tyrell Biggs HAVE to take advantage of this softness, and- like I’ve said in posts before- we need to win this game. Of course it seems like every time I say that, someone gets in foul trouble, but hopefully we can avoid that tomorrow night. Hopefully the Panthers can regain the shooting touch and confidence we had against Georgetown, Seton Hall, and St. John’s, and keep pace with the top teams in the Big East. This is a team that deserves to be ranked, and I really think they can play like it on Thursday night.


16 Responses to “Husky Wrap-Up and Hoopie Preview”

  1. The Prowler Says:

    The beauty of the 13-9 win in December, is that, no matter what happens in this game tomorrow, no matter what happens in the football or basketball series in coming years, nothing will give the Hoopies adequate revenge for Pitt keeping them out of the BCS Championship game. NOTHING.When I want to feel better about myself, I go back to the ESPN message boards about the backyard brawl. Hoopies were posting all over it, like 3-4000 posts about how sweet he BCS Championship will be. The last few hundred comments are Hoopies claiming that Pitt [and OU] fans have no class for rubbing the loss in.God love those Hoopies…Hail to Pitt!!

  2. Merlin Says:

    I have the 2nd half of the game DVRed at my house, and thanks to the wonderful technology of Slingbox I can watch it anytime I want (and I do). Or happen to leave the game on the television when my WVU friend wants to use my Slingbox…But I agree Prowler, nothing that happens is going to take away from that game. I was only saying they might use it as a little incentive

  3. The Prowler Says:

    Oh, I agree that they will use it as incentive. Revenge is always good incentive.The fact that I am married to a Hoopie, I am sure hoping that they don’t get any (no matter how miniscule it would be) revenge tomorrow.

  4. ladies' fan Says:

    This has nothing to do with this post, but I had to get it off my chest. I went to the women’s game last night and was very disappointed, not in the play of the women. Shevonte and Mallorie played great considering they were near scratches right before the game. No, I was disappointed some of the few students who showed up. Yes, this is a women’s game and yes some people came just to get their loyalty points. I was not in the zoo last night because I got to sit in a box, which was great. But I saw that some of the people that call themselves leaders of the zoo just sat and said nothing the entire game. These kids are the kids that pride themselves on getting to the men’s game extra early and standing right behind the announcer’s table to get on tv. These kids wear their colored wigs and act like true fans. I don’t think you can only be a good fan by standing and cheering, but if you want to call yourself a leader of something, you sure better lead.I don’t know your names, but it’s pitiful. Maybe the rest of the zoo sucks at the mens games because they see you and think to themselves that if the leaders are just sitting there and not cheering or making any noise, then I don’t have to. Come to women’s game and sit – that’s fine with me. But don’t come to the women’s game and sit and try to pass yourself off as a leader of the zoo. You guys were pitiful last night and you should be ashamed.The only reason why I’m complaining is because from my box I saw one kid, the kid in the blue Agnus shirt and the three kids he was sitting immediately next to trying their best to get the crowd into it. These kids are fans and not leaders of the zoo. If you want to be a leader, fine, but if you come to another game like that, you should just give up your title and watch men’s games from home, because your negative attitudes and you sitting there looking like the kids from the anti-drug commercials isn’t helping anyone.One thing positive, at least you guys showed up, but that’s about all you did.Hail To Pitt

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey ladies fan,go fuck yourself.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you, Ladies Fan. But I do think it’s nice that some came out to support the ladies even though they really weren’t that interested. It reminds me of times that I go to some event my spouse wants me to go to even though I’m not interested. Would it be better if I stay home? Or better to make the gesture of support?

  7. The Prowler Says:

    In 1996, my freshmen year at Pitt, the scene you (ladies’ fan) describe at the women’s game, that was the scene at the football games. I remember being at games like losses to Rutgers and Temple, when they were the bottom feeders of the country.It would be nice if students came out to the women’s games. My guess is that more and more will the more they continue to win.Back in 2000, Ben Howland was begging Pitt fans to come to the men’s games to prove that they deserved hosting an NIT game. Now, there is a waiting list for tickets.

  8. zoofan Says:

    hey ladies’ fan…some students have things called midterms, this is a terrible week for them…and a lot of kids are sick, if u haven’t noticed the flu is going around…that being said i’d love to see a raucous atmosphere at women’s games, because they are great women and a great time, and agnes is a great coach, but let’s be realistic…to spend that many hours a week in the pete for men’s games is enough. i can’t imagine balancing my schedule with both, so i try to make it when i can. and with your condescending attitude and vicious attacks, i’d like to see you be a leader at anything other than hiding behind a message board. if you haven’t noticed, the student section (even at guys games) feeds off of each other, and seeing how it was fairly quiet for most of the game against WVU of all teams tonight, i’d shut your mouth before criticizing the crowd at a women’s game. why don’t you start campaigning to get students to women’s games if you feel so deeply about it…let’s see you lead

  9. Ladies' fan Says:

    Zoofan, you make a good point. However, I don’t expect kids to come to the women’s games, not yet at least. What I am trying to say, and it may have gotten lost in my first post, is that if you decide to go to the game then you should be loud and supportive. Maybe I came off condescending, but it’s because I expect a lot and I was very disappointed. It’s nice that people show up at all and like I said, I wouldn’t expect anything of regular students just coming for the loyalty points (it’s sad but whatever). I made my post because these guys are the leaders and they didn’t lead.We all need to show up for the ladies these next few weeks. Pink the Pete is coming up a week from sunday against Uconn. Uconn is a great team so it should be a great game. It’s a sunday at 2 during midterms so I won’t be so mad if people don’t show up.My post wasnt out of hatred for anyone. I wanted to stir up some debate about the ladies because they need our support too and I think we should be giving them that if nothing else.Hail to Pitt

  10. zoofan Says:

    ladies’ fan,i totally agree that if you go to a game, you should make noise. people take for granted the $5 (or free for women) price to sit courtside and see Top 20 basketball every year. if the players don’t take a game off, why should we, right? i, like you, hope a lot of people show up for the uconn game. that should be a good one, and there’s no reason our ladies shouldn’t get our support.

  11. Keith McBride Says:

    One of the people you are talking about is me. If you are going to complain because I was sitting for the game, let me make it clear that I have attended nearly every home game for the women since last year. I have been there when there were less than 5 total students in attendance. The three of us that you are criticizing are the only three people that have paid to get on a bus and go to WVU to watch the women play on the road. I skipped watching the USF men’s game to instead attend the women’s game against Syracuse this season.If you want to be a Zoo leader, maybe you should come down to the court and start some cheers instead of sitting in luxury boxes.

  12. Keith McBride Says:

    And I find it ironic that you are criticizing what will happen for Pink the Pete because the three of us that you are speaking of were at the WVU game last night hours ahead of time cutting out ribbons to hand out at the UConn game to raise money for breast cancer research. Why? Because the other two people I was with are the two people that are organizing the entire event. I’m sorry you don’t consider them leaders…

  13. Ladies' fan Says:

    I already said it’s great that you go to the games, but if you do why not cheer while you are there? Also, I never said anything attacking anyone about uconn just saying people should go.Keith, since you write regularly, why don’t you write an entry about the Uconn game. Agnus always says its the Zoo for the men and the women. Let’s show her that that’s the case. It could bring a lot of attention to the game and stir up some excitement. The blog has got to be used to get people pumped. I’m saying that it will be a drastic change, but it can’t and its a good start.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    ladies fan,Im glad you had to get that off your chest because it was quite enjoyable to read. and hilarious.First off i hardly doubt the 3 fans gloat that they are leaders of the zoo. unless i missed a a sign they had that said, were leaders and your not, then your way offbase.Second, how many students go to women’s games. 5 or 6 usually. and those 3 are there every game. and usually you dont stand at women’s games because there’s people behind you who are seated and cant see if your standing. its called being polite.Also, why is it that the normal fan base can sit on their hands all games and not cheer at all. this happens at most women’s and men’s games.And to say they have a negative attitude towards the game?? just how the hell do you know that. i’d really like to know.My guess is these students put more into both teams than about 95% of the entire student base.So, im glad your calmer now, but in the future, get more info before you start blabbing

  15. Anonymous Says:

    how the fuck are you going to make money if you give them away?

  16. Keith McBride Says:

    The ribbons are being sold later this week at the Scaife cafeteria for $1 each. The proceeds will be donated to a breast cancer charity. The expenses for the ribbons were paid for by the Oakland Zoo as a contribution. The sale of the ribbons was coordinated by Zoo members.The remaining ribbons will then be passed out to fans in attendance at the game as part of the Pink the Pete event. The coaches will also be wearing them to raise awareness. The game at Notre Dame tomorrow, the women will actually be wearing pink jerseys.The athletic department is also providing special pink t-shirts to a select number of students coming to the event.

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