Bring out your brooms

The Oakland Zoo is sponsoring a road-trip to WVU for the March 3 matchup in Morgantown.

This will be the third annual trip Pitt has helped to provide us. We will again have a block of 40 seats, or if they are still afraid of our cheering ability, two 20 seat blocks.

In the previous two trips we are 1-1, but this year we cross the border looking for a sweep. We have managed to embarrass them in football and basketball now.

Tickets go on sale Monday morning at 7:30am in the lobby of the Pete. The price is $25, which gives you a trip on the bus and a ticket to the game.

This year I am encouraging everyone to bring some sort of sign or something just so we can be completely obnoxious. Bring out some big 13-9 signs, bring out some big 55-54 signs. If you still have one of those FanClappers that Pitt took away from us, bring that too.

We will be standing, jumping, and yelling the whole time. Well worth $25.

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10 Responses to “Bring out your brooms”

  1. Brian Ising Says:

    We still have 19 tickets left for this trip. If you’d like to go, send me an e-mail (

  2. Anonymous Says:

    do you have to be a student?

  3. Brian Ising Says:

    Yes, you do have to be a student. Sorry.

  4. Drew Margulis Says:

    Where’s Edgar Sosa on the poll?

  5. Musser Says:

    Wheres Ousame Barro?And we all know we’re gonna lose since Brian is going. Sorry man, had to say it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i am a student i called the pete and they wouldnt sell it to me

  7. Brian Ising Says:

    That’s because the trip is being run by the Oakland Zoo, not the Pitt athletic department. So you need to contact me ( to reserve your spot.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, ok. Meet me in front of the union friday at noon. That is when i’m done with class. How much is the price?

  9. Brian Ising Says:

    Hey anonymous, send me an e-mail ( if you want to go on the trip.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    sorry brianpitt will not sweep the mountaineers….so you might as well cancel your little trip altogether.good luck in the NIT-morgantown

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