Marred by Marquette once again

I have learned to respect Marquette a great deal in the past few years. No team has given us as many problems as Marquette. Even Georgetown, the likely repeat conference champion, is 1-2 against us in the regular season in that period.

I can’t say too many Pitt fans expected to win that game, but the ease with which Marquette won was almost staggering.

After watching the women get absolutely pummeled at WVU on Wednesday, this was a pretty lousy week of basketball.

The only positives I can see in this loss are that Sam Young had another good outing in spite of the lack of any support from the rest of the team, and that Levance is back and has nearly a week to further his recovery and get back to peak condition.

I would not claim that he came back too early. I think had the rest of the team been able to handle things adequately, Levance would have been more comfortable. It is going to be a challenge for him to try to take control of the offense while still injured when nobody seems to be able to shoot or even pass.

I think this week will be good time for the Panthers to rest and prepare for Notre Dame. They never faced the Irish last year, so Jamie should have more than his usual scouting to do. Notre Dame has been performing impressively all year, but I think they are a team that Pitt can beat. I think that Harangody and Blair will be an extremely entertaining matchup in the paint. I think the duo of Levance and Ronald on McAlarney will be pretty good too. I know that Fields still hasn’t had too many full practices under his belt, so hopefully everyone will get more adjusted in the coming few days.


3 Responses to “Marred by Marquette once again”

  1. Merlin Says:

    Just because Sam Young lead the team in scoring didn’t mean he had a good game. He actually, if you look overall, had a fairly terrible game, and was a huge liability on the defensive end. A lot of times, Marquette took advantage of Young’s poor isolation defense and burned us a lot with cuts to the basket and beating our zone.

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    That is true. He also had the ball just plain stripped a few times.I just meant that he was again able to get his points on the board. I still think he is going to get good consideration at the end of the year awards.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    just because you score doesn’t mean you played well. how about some help defense?

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