"How about that game y’all?"

Agnus, you warm my heart…

Congratulations to the women’s team tonight on their defeat of WVU. WVU came in having blown us out in Morgantown, now ranked at #13. A hard fought game to say the least, each team scored 34 points in both halves, sending the game into overtime at 68-68.

The Panthers held a lead for nearly the entire OT period and held on during the last few possessions and came out with the biggest upset in Petersen Event Center history.

The final score of 77-75 will give us one more number to hold with pride when we invade WVU next Monday.

Limited tickets are still available from the Zoo, so if you are interested please try to get in contact with a Zoo leader tomorrow night at the Cinci game.

Now that the ladies have broken our long losing streak, our men can go out and crush Cinci and make up for that lousy game we played on the road earlier this season.


3 Responses to “"How about that game y’all?"”

  1. max greenwald Says:

    not many people showed up tonight, but those of us that were there were loud and boisterous. The game was great and I had an awesome time. I just wish more people could experience the fun.Angus is awesome

  2. Keith McBride Says:

    Hopefully anyone not attending the WVU trip will be there for senior night for the women on Monday

  3. Brian Ising Says:

    That game was awesome and a lot of fun. Very impressive win by the ladies.

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