Sam Young is not good

He is not just good, he is by far the best player on our team.

To those of you who seem to be incessantly complaining about him, he is the first person you need to look to tonight to see why we won the game. Sure, some others had big contributions, but if Sam hadn’t been the only player doing anything productive for a while, things could have gotten out of hand.

His dunk tonight was, I think, the best he has had in his career. He was almost horizontal and jumped from almost the free throw line.

Another 20 win season is under Jamie’s belt, and he needs two more conference wins to get his annual 10 Big East victories too.

I hate to make predications based on how the past few weeks have gone, but we usually play very well against Syracuse. We have a good history against them the past few years, and hopefully we can stop them again this weekend.

Tonight’s attendance was again lower than it should have been. I think people tend to forget that “fan” is short for “fanatic,” which implies great interest in something. We have only 9 conference home games, and we are going to finish with abysmal attendance in the final 3. You should be ashamed.

Both our men and women play on the road on Saturday, both are coming off good home wins, and both need another notch in the win column to get some good seeds for the upcoming tournaments.

It is a good time to be a Panther fan.


46 Responses to “Sam Young is not good”

  1. Keith McBride Says:

    A great quote from Jamie Dixon:”Ronald is a winner. He’s been on four 20 win teams during his time here. He’s beloved on campus, and every point he’s given to this team, he’s given us even more as a person.”Congrats on 1000, Ronald.

  2. Brian Ising Says:

    That was a great quote. Ronnie is a great kid and has been a great player for Pitt for 4 years. He made the best out of a very unfortunate situation this season when he was forced to play out of position due to the injuries. Not to mention the fact that he’s played the entire season with a torn labrum.But never once has he complained about his injury or used it as an excuse. Never once has he complained about having to play so many minutes at the point due to Levance’s injury. He has simply done the best job that he could do, which was a pretty darn good effort.However, my favorite story among the seniors is Keith Benjamin. Here’s a guy that came to Pitt as a highly regarded prospect. His career would probably be classified as a disappointment. But he has never complained about a lack of playing time. And when he was pressed into action after the injuries, he did a fantastic job. After mostly sitting on the bench for 3.5 years, nobody deserved to break out like that more than Keith. He has struggled since his gruesome injury at Cincinnati, but like Ronnie, Benji has never used it as an excuse.And finally, Cookie is the last senior and one of the most underrated Panthers in recent history. At East Carolina, he was the PG and the best player on the team. A lot of players would love to have the freedom that Mike had at ECU to shoot as often as he wanted. But it wasn’t enough for Cookie. So he transferred to Pitt for one reason – he wanted to win. And he won a lot of games – 41-8 as a starter here. Its a tragedy that his career at Pitt ended the way it did. But he is still at every game cheering his teammates on. In fact, Mike Cook with a torn ACL was the first guy off the bench to greet our team at nearly every timeout tonight.This senior class is not the best class Pitt has ever had. But they are all great kids and winners who want nothing but what is best for the University of Pittsburgh. I will miss Ronnie, Benji, and Cookie very much.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    On offense, Sam is a great player. He isn’t the best dribbler, and he may take a bad shot from time to time, but the guy can finish.The only thing I dislike is that he can be lazy on defense and get himself out of position. If he were a freshman I could understand this, but being his 3rd year, I expected him to do more defensively. Also, he got away with this more before the Cook injury since cook was such a great defender in the games he played this season, but the defensive lapses are much more obvious with Mike out. Unfortunately Sam is starting to play some NBA defense now.

  4. Mike Cook Says:

    please stop calling me Cookie

  5. Brian Ising Says:

    I don’t know how I got from a post about Sam Young to a rant on the seniors, but it happened.Anyways, Sam Young is really, really good. I’ll go even farther than what Keith said. Sam’s season is the best season any Panther has had in the last 20 years, with the exception of Brandin Knight. Sam is that good.In fact, Sam will be Pitt’s first good NBA player in a long time. And that might happen as soon as next year.Here’s a good quote from Mick Cronin about Sam:”He can score in so many ways. He’s just a great player. You know what he’s going to do, and you still can’t stop him. That’s the sign of a great player, and that’s Sam Young.”

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What is up with the Zoo? How is Zoo not packed for a conference game? I’m a season ticket holder and find it hard to believe when regular seats are empty for conference games, but how the heck could there be empty seats in the zoo? The game is right on campus. And this wasn’t the first conference game it’s been that way. I hate to say this being a Pitt fan but got to start agreeing with all the folks who say the zoo is overrated.

  7. vinnie Says:

    I fully believe that the city of Pittsburgh is a bandwagon city. If your team is winning, then the seats will be filled whether its the pens,pirates, or pitt (even the steelers dont have everyone come when they are havin a bad year). Pitt was on a 3 game losing streak and the amatuer college fan believed they would miss the tourney. This resulted in a lack of attendence.You must also remember that we are college students first, and that while you think those 2 hours are meaningless, i propose that those 2hours could be very helpful in passing an exam. I also dislike the fact that the zoo doesnt fill up everygame, but that doesnt mean the zoo is overrated. Season ticket holder, were you at the louisville game? Was the zoo not loud almost the entire game with only 3/4 filled? Just cause the zoo isnt G’town filled every game does not mean the zoo is a failure

  8. Anonymous Says:

    true. A lot of people I know had exams the following day, and going to this game was not an option. However, the student section was still loud and thats all that matters.

  9. Keith McBride Says:

    Going to a game is always an option. I rarely try to pick on people who aren’t die hard fans, but that excuse is laughable.I am a matter of weeks away from graduation and have missed only one home game in four years here. I have exams just like everyone else. It is simply a matter of time management and scheduling.If you can’t spare 2 hours to come watch a game, are you saying you didn’t waste 2 hours that entire week that could have better been spent studying?Give me a break.I’ve seen 88 games in four years including 20 away from the Pete, and I’ve never whined about needing to “study.”I call bullshit.

  10. Zoo Studier Says:

    Geez, we get it, you go to all the games. Im a senior and I go to all of the games too but i think you’re in the minority on this one. You’re asking people to change their study habits and scheduling based on basketball games. If someone wants to cram the day before who’s to say they can’t. Maybe some peoples’ priorities don’t have pitt basketball on the top of the list either. Weekend games could be more highly attended but trashing someone cause they were studying for an exam is just dumb and ignorant. studier

  11. vinnie Says:

    well congrats keith on being a superfan. I on the other hand have attended all but 3 games this season. The 3 I missed, I had an exam the next day.I have to say that those 2 hours of game and 3-4 hours of waiting in line couldve definately been put to better use for homework/studying. Scheduling is important, but if you have an exam the day after a game, I dont see why it cant be an excuse to miss the game. I am sorry that all of us at pitt arent superfans/superstudents like you…I would love to go to away games all the time and not miss any games, but I have a different style of schedule and study habits that cause me to be unable to attend every game, just like plenty of other people.

  12. Keith McBride Says:

    Then don’t wait in line for 3-4 hours. I hate this excuse that keeps coming up lately.Just because you choose to wait in line that long to get a better seat doesn’t mean you should just opt to skip the game completely if you don’t have the time for it. This is precisely why our attendance is dropping.We are lucky enough to get 1400 seats. 400 of those in the top are viewed as basically worthless. You people take everything for granted. You are passing up a $5 seat to one of the hardest sought sporting event tickets in the city. You have alumni paying thousands of dollars per year in order to get comparable seats.I choose to spend my time waiting in line all day, but I don’t pretend that other people don’t have other things going on. Anyone could have come to the Cinci game at tipoff and sat in about the 5th row behind the basket.If you can honestly tell me that 120 minutes last night is the only time all week that you are able to study, then I suppose you have a valid excuse. Otherwise, it is just time management. You have had a Pitt schedule since, what, October? It isn’t like, “Surprise! There is a game today!”I bet you guys are the same people who are going to bitch that you can’t go to the DePaul game because it is the first weekend of spring break. Stay an extra two days and see the game. I highly doubt that any of you are doing anything that important over break that you can’t stay and watch Senior Day.Maybe instead of mocking superfans you should grow a pair and stop whining.

  13. Merlin Says:

    Keith-You can’t FORCE people into being fans or being supportive just as much as you can’t force someone into being religious or force someone into really any way of thinking. Yes, it’s important to come to all the games and I’d LOVE to see a full Zoo for every game but it’s not going to happen. If i cared about my schoolwork as much as I probably should, I wouldn’t be able to attend the games as early as I get there. You have to understand that your way of thinking isn’t the only way of thinking, and to some people basketball isn’t the #1 priority. That being said, the real reason I wanted to comment on this is because the reason you said that Sam is far and away the best player on this team is because he scored the most and then you mentioned his dunk. You failed to mention, however, his combined total of assists and rebounds: 0. That’s right, no rebounds from our starting power forward. That was extremely disappointing to me, and something I again see as a lack of effort on the defensive end. Pitt was outhustled and outrebounded all game yesterday, and they need to improve that to win on the road.

  14. Drew Margulis Says:

    Alright, enough of everyone’s bitching. Keith, I completely agree with your last post. People feel that they are entitled to something and have to sit front row. Pitt turned down people who donated $3,000 this year for season tickets. There is not a bad seat in the Pete, and people should stop taking Pitt basketball for granted. You pay $5 to see the 5th best program in the country the last 7 years. Yes, midterms happen. But I find it hard to believe that out of 17,000 undergrads, only 700 like basketball and can make it to the game. You don’t have to get there early, or, you can manage your time better and not party so damn much. And hell, I’ll take 700 or even less fans that make noise compared to 1000 or 1400 that are complacent. Our crowd last night and against Louisville was exponentially louder than the WVU game (not counting the last 30 seconds). Still, the Zoo is hardly overrated. We get national recognition for the good things we do, like Pink the Pete, the ribbons for Duquesne, and our creativity. After seeing some road games this year, we are world’s above other students at established basketball powers. The fact is, we have a student section that is twice as big as many other schools. Duke fits around only 700 students, for example. Just quit with this entitlement crap, quit whining, and do your part to help the Zoo be better. And help get the season ticket holders to yell. They have no right to moan and bitch about us when they won’t even stand until 10 seconds left in the Louisville game. Disgusting.As far as Sam Young goes, give him a break. Yes, he can be selfish. Yes, he is not a great dribbler. Yes, he should get more rebounds. But his defense is vastly improved. Last night he was pretty damn solid. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his dunk was from a turnover he forced. If it weren’t for him, we would not have been in that game AT ALL last night, because for a while he was the only one who had showed up. People, stop expecting things and start helping the team earn them.

  15. Keith McBride Says:

    Josh, no matter box score you look at, there will be someone listed who had some bad statistics. Sam Young scored 20 points. Did you bother to read the quotes about him after the game? There is a reason why people call him “great.” There is a reason why people say, “he was the difference.”BECAUSE HE ISEveryone ragged on Aaron last year the same way. He would go out and get a double-double and people would say he should have scored another 10 points.He didn’t get any rebounds last night. I think he would be the first to tell you that is unacceptable, Jamie certainly did. I’m sure he didn’t go home last night and claim to have played a perfect game. I have read quotes from no fewer than four different players condemning their lack of rebounds. People act like these guys don’t read their stat sheets.When the game ends, you can either dwell on the good things or the bad things. If all I wrote on this site were a list of disappointments after every game, I don’t think that is a site I would enjoy visiting.

  16. Brian Ising Says:

    Hey Drew,You talk a big game, but why don’t you back it up for once? Your section blows. Game after game, it blows. And yet, you have the nerve to come on here and complain about other fans.Step it up, Drew. Make Carrie proud.(end sarcasm)

  17. Brian Ising Says:

    Josh and others,Regardless of how many assists or rebounds Sam Young had last night, he is still the best player on this team, by far. If you can’t see that after 28 games, I don’t know what else to say to you. In yesterday’s game, Sam singlehandedly kept us in the game when we couldn’t get anything going on offense. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what else to say to you.Its funny to me the way our fans have treated our 4’s the last 2 years. Last year, we had a guy that was a great defender, a good rebounder, and did all of the “little things.” But people complained about him and begged for Sam Young to play more because Levon Kendall didn’t score enough points. Now, we have a guy with a fantastic overall offensive game who’s not as good at defending or rebounding as Kendall. And people complain about Sam’s shortcomings.Here’s a suggestion – try focusing on a guy’s strengths instead of just dwelling on his weaknesses. Nobody is a perfect player. If they were even close to perfect, they wouldn’t be at Pitt, they’d be in the NBA.You need to face the facts – every Pitt player has weaknesses. Sam’s happen to be defending and defensive rebounding. Even those incoming recruits you love have shortcomings. I really like Nasir Robinson and think he’s going to be a great player here, but his shooting is awful. That doesn’t make him a bad player. It just makes him less than perfect, just like every other player Pitt has ever had.How about mentioning Sam’s offensive prowess once in a while instead of always focusing on his weaknesses? His offensive game is the best at Pitt since at least Vonteego Cummings, yet every game, there are complaints about him. NBA scouts have been at nearly every Pitt game this season to check out that offensive game and they like what they see. I think they know what they’re doing. Sam might only have a few games left in a Panther uniform. You guys should appreciate him for what he is while he’s still here, instead of worrying about what he’s not.By the way, I have 2 serious questions for you guys.1. If Sam smiled as much as Blair, would he be more popular?2. Do the people who complain about Pitt’s FT shooting at every game realize that Pitt ranks 6th in the BE in that category?Thanks.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    you god damn totalitarian communists. Stop deleting posts.

  19. totalitarian communist Says:

    then stop posting crap comments

  20. rockin Says:

    Gotta agree with the posts saying inexcusable that the zoo had empty seats for Cinn game. That was a big game. Zoo overated ..maybe… they can be loud sometimes but not sure where the so called creativity is at.

  21. vinnie Says:

    answering merlin’s questions1. yes sam would be more popular if he was more emotional.2. no the people who complain about stupid things in games are the ones who have no idea what is going on.Sam Young is definately our best player, and the only thing I would like to see more out of him is his dribbling. Other than that, I cannot complain about how he has contributed to the team.

  22. vinnie Says:

    those were brians questions…excuse me for the mix-up

  23. Anonymous Says:

    1) Why dont you superfans stop bitching about attendance and do something about it.2)If Sam Young sucked NBA scouts wouldnt be here at all3)Everyone has different priorities and you should respecct that4)The kid who wears the “It’s Cool to be Catholic” shirt is a tool…wear a zoo shirt5)Yes Sam Young would be liked more if he smiled more.6)Keith is just a negative person who has no solutions to his problems7)I Love Pitt8)Go Pitt

  24. J Jones Says:

    The Zoo wasn’t filled up for one reason people don’t care. We have about 500 to 700 diehard Pitt basketball fans and everybody else is a hanger on for the big games and the TV games. Going to a basketball game is more of an event than being a fan sort of thing. Once you learn to live with this whenever you see the Zoo half filled it will be easier to deal with.To everybody who attacks our really good fans shut the fuck up. Stop hiding behind your bullshit excuses about exams. If you wanted to be at the game you would make time for it. Stop attacking other people for your own apathy. Take a step off your I’m too cool for this soapbox and just shut up. We get it you have other things to do than go to Pitt games. Enjoy whatever else your doing. Nothing the Zoo or anybody else does is going to get you to come so stop blaming it on other people.The Zoo is great when it is filled but unfortunately that isn’t always going to be the case. Just stop this stupid childish sniping at people over the internet with anonymous attacks. Grow a pair and take responsibility for what you say.Everybody who goes to the games keep coming and keep making noise. To everybody else grow the fuck up and look in the mirror. Want the the Zoo to be better and change do it your fucking self.

  25. max greenwald Says:

    amen J Jones. And I didn’t realize this was the “Sam Young is a God” blog. I feel like this blog is a communist bloc country sometimes. A person who gives a dissenting position gets torn apart.I love orange juice, but I hate Syracuse.

  26. J Jones Says:

    On this blog it takes 40000 rubles to buy a loaf of bread. In Oakland Zoo blog car drive you.

  27. J Jones Says:

    Also orange juice makes me vomit. True story.

  28. lambchop Says:

    hey what do you guys think of singing “its the song that doesnt end” next year during player introductions?

  29. Keith McBride Says:

    You guys win.Even though I singlehandedly built this site over a year ago, I am done with it. It isn’t worth the time and effort to put up with all the bullshit that is going on.

  30. vinnie Says:

    Just to clear the air, keith I respect you and apologize if I angered you, that was not my goal. I was tryin to defend the zoo and its lack of attendance. I think its great that you are able to get to every game. Have a good one.

  31. pitt studier Says:

    Geez. this kid is telling us to re-schedule spring break around the depaul game. Don’t you know that even pitt has it’s spring break set to leave at 5PM on friday. Id love to go to senior night, but i’m not going to cancel my senior spring break for one pitt game, especially since ive gone to all that i could have the past 4 years, and the prices to go down not with pitt are astronomical. I bet if i had a final the same day as a pitt game you’d say it was “bullshit” that i took the final and that i should have scheduled better.And even if the schedule has been out since october, people don’t plan every waking moment around the pitt games. Yes i do have all the game times saved in my phone, but i know im in the minority. Should the zoo be filled every game, yes. But you’re going about it the wrong way.

  32. Superfan Says:

    I agree with keith, screw you guys. As a matter of fact, im going to skip all my classes next year to wait in line for pitt games. Screw going home for Christmas and spring break, ill be right there at the pete waiting for the next game. Ive gone to every game the past 30 years and im not about to miss one because of classes or funerals or job interviews

  33. max greenwald Says:

    guys this doesn’t help at all. I do my fair share of complaining because I think things can be done better. However, I stopped bitching when I couldn’t come up with any valid suggestions. I write my ideas and thats all. It really confuses me that we spend so much time focusing on the people who write for this blog (I do it too sometimes) instead of the team or the issues. This isn’t nor should it be a blog where people can come and give excuses why they don’t go to or where people can yell at those other people.We all agree that we want to fill the Zoo. So how about we talk about that? I think we could come up with some good stuff if we actually tried.I still think Sam Young needs to play better defense. He blinds us with his sick dunks and we focus on that and not his lack of help defense.As my friend put it – I love orange women but I hate the OrangeMen

  34. Tony Says:

    If only the people who are missing out on the games would actually read this. The people who read this blog are the ones who go to every game. If only there was a way to let people know they need to go to every game, and that we are still very much in it. Perhaps an article in the Pitt news. Someone should talk to the sports columnist (but not Derek Jeter! haha)

  35. Jay Mills Says:

    Agree completely with Tony, I was actually just about to post the same two comments1) This is the wrong forum to be complaining about this. Die hard fans come here and read this. The casual fan (I’m sure) isn’t even aware the Zoo has a blog.2) Reach out to the casual fan, don’t bitch at them. I think there needs to be some kind of ad taken out in the The Pitt News. Little late in the season for that (although an ad asking people to honor the seniors and stay a couple days into break if they can I think would help), but next year a full pager or a sizable article could go a long way in getting people to come throughout the year. Although next year I don’t think getting fans pumped up will be a problem.Also, Cuse just handed us that win. One of the worst (best) collapses I’ve seen this year.

  36. Drew Margulis Says:

    So how awful was Sam Young’s defense today, huh? He wasn’t spectacular or anything, and he didn’t create the game-winning play or anything. You guys should shut up and applaud him for all he does for us.

  37. Drew Margulis Says:

    We’ve got more useful things to bitch about than Sam Young’s effort.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Sam’s D was not great today. He did make a good steal to get the win today, but again, 1 play does not erase the rest of the game. He played below average defense today.

  39. DPJ Says:

    STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP!Sam Young is not a bad player. Right now he is our offense. If he doesn’t put down at least 15 points in a game, we will have difficulty winning.However, he does tend to play bad defense sometimes. He is not the worst defender we have ever had, so lets not make him out to be a completely one way player.Some people need to realize that Sam is a special player and has really helped this team. Other people need to realize that Sam has his faults and is very far away from being a complete player.Let’s just agree that he has helped this team and that we are better with him than with out him.And god damnit, enjoy this win!

  40. ~ The Oakland Zoo ~ Says:

    I completely agree Sam’s offense adds so much to this team. Without his points we aren’t in the game. What is the point of this back and forth? Last year I was on the other side of the Levon and Aaron debates on the website. It seems like everybody is making out people’s complaints about one player to be some sort of Civil War. Sam is a great offensive player, one of the best we have had. It doesn’t help just to nitpick the mistakes he made during the game. I agree with the sentiment about his defense to a point but the guy got the steal to win the game for us. Enjoy it people.I busted my ass for this website last year to get it off the ground. Don’t let it end because of some shitty argument about one player and peoples opinions. If me mocking Levon didn’t break you Keith how are you going let this do it. Keep the website going, this is an interesting and useful place to discuss Pitt basketball. Everybody again do me a favor. Grow up.

  41. Keith McBride Says:

    I am only writing this because I feel I have to respond to what Jason has said.Things were different last year and although we went back and forth about Levon, I was never bothered by it. I would act the same way I do now and stir things up about Levon. The difference was that you wrote good articles, you had insightful things to say. You would criticize people as well as admit when they did things right. Even if you absolutely hated Levon, you cheered for anyone else. People right now are doing nothing but complaining and whining about every possible thing they can think of.This is more than a conflict of opinion. I am deleting comments on a regular basis from the idiots at the viewfromthezoo blog because they somehow think that vandalizing our comments adds something to the website.I have been personally attacked on several occasions for not being a good enough fan, and attacked on several others for being too much of a superfan.People complain after every game that our attendance is bad, but I point out that people shouldn’t skip just because of exams and all of a sudden I am way too critical. I post one complaint and people raise hell.Last year I really loved coming on here and reading the things that you had to say. We obviously had different opinions, and mine obviously differed from the people that posted comments. We got through it, and for the most part it was fun.This year, it isn’t fun anymore. I can’t remember the last time someone other than Brian or Drew has posted a seriously positive comment. We came out of the game today and have a miraculous win, yet people are still coming here bashing players and bashing the people involved in this site. It is ridiculous.As you said, you put a lot of effort into this site last year. I greatly appreciated it, and I hope you realize that. I have put in even more, since I am the one that started the whole thing for Dave. It saddens me, but this site just isn’t something that interests me anymore. I don’t want to spend my time with a bunch of people that are going to complain about everything that goes wrong with our team. Maybe last year it was different because we won more, who knows.The fact of the matter is that the people have spoken. Max has said that he feels that I am some sort of fascist dictator. He says that we don’t allow dissent. Well, ironically, I gave him the privilege of writing on this site to share his opinion, to offset mine, as you did last year. Still, that doesn’t seem to be enough for him or anyone else here.Superfans never die; they just fade away.

  42. Merlin Says:

    I really don’t know what happened here. It’s just a blog. I know I haven’t helped with some of the things I said, but it’s just my opinion. I was really upset after the ND loss and posted that I don’t like Sam Young. Well guess what, I still don’t love him. He’s a very good offensive player but I, personally, don’t love him as a player. Like him, yes, love him, no. That being said, I think this is getting totally ridiculous. We’re all, at the most 22 or 23 years old. There’s no reason for all this drama. I think that’s what the View from the Zoo kids were making fun of, because we’re taking what should be a fun concept and bastardizing it. Keith, I don’t want you to leave the blog, if you were actually serious about it. You’re a good writer and we need more than one Zoo writer on this site (who covers games, no offense to Max). I know I haven’t helped with all this but I really feel like at this point in our lives, at this point in the SEASON, that we should stop this stupid fighting. Everybody’s entitled to opinions.I’m sorry for having caused any of this, and I just want to write about and cheer on the Panthers. We should stop the personal attacks- don’t write something negative just because you don’t like the person writing that opinion. If you have a dissenting opinion, fine, don’t turn it into an attack on the writer. We’ve all been guilty of it. Hopefully we can wrap this up and move on.

  43. Brian Ising Says:

    Josh,You should love Sam Young. Does he have flaws? No doubt.But he plays for my favorite team and that’s good enough for me.

  44. max greenwald Says:

    Keith,Earlier I said this blog is like a communist country, I made no references to fascism. Stalin and the USSR were actually the fiercest enemies of fascism in Europe. I did not call you out specifically, but if you took it that way I apologize. On another note, all of this banter is actually a good sign. It shows people are interested in the subject and passionate enough to voice their opinions. If there were no posts, we would all be upset for other reasons. We should not be trying to stifle that type of passion. It is a novelty in this city, especially when it comes to PITT. I think a big problem is the recent lack of consistency on the part of our team. If we had been winning, our attitudes would be very different and the animosity would not be quite as strong. If the players can string together a few big wins, our attitudes will be very different. I think a 12 game win streak would do the trick.In terms of the blog itself, all of the previews and post game recaps are good filler, but we need more than that. I can easily find this information on ESPN. Instead of just writing about stats, write about student reactions, player interactions, basically anything different. This blog should be by the Zoo, for the Zoo, and about the Zoo.Let’s get to 100 posts. I have faith in you all. Hail to Pitt!

  45. josh frantz Says:

    I agree that it is good that we are talking a lot about this team because it is OUR team and we should care what happens with them. However, criticizing each others views is unnecessary. We need to remember that we are all on the same side and bitterness amongst us is useless. It wont get anything accomplished. I wouldnt worry about other blogs talking “smack” on ours, especially when that one has nothing to offer. What a piece of shit. Dear old Pittsburgh, Alma Mater, God preserve thee evermore

  46. Merlin Says:

    Brian-Just cause a player plays for your favorite team doesn’t mean you have to automatically love everything about their playing style. If we all loved every player on Pitt, we’d never have any criticisms to make or anything to write about.

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