Goin down to Hoopietown

Once again, I shall be making the trip to Morgantown, West Virginia- the last time I went, a certain football team beat a certain national contender 13-9, a score that I’m sure will be remembered by Pitt fans for years to come. Then West Virginia paid a basketball visit to Oakland, and Ronald Ramon hit a slightly large shot as time expired to see the Mountaineers home disappointed yet again.

After the road Syracuse win, I have every reason to believe that Pitt can win this game. I watched the game film from last month’s victory, and I think having Levance on that court will add at least 15 points to Pitt’s offense. We match up very well defensively against WVU, and I think this is the team we need to play in order to right our defensive troubles. I look for Gil Brown to continue to have his confidence grow with another big game tonight. The only thing to look out for really is Joe Alexander- he missed his first few shots against Pitt last time and went on to have a really poor game offensively against us, but I know Jamie won’t forget about Alexander’s offensive ability. Our offense against WVU wasn’t so great, but having Levance will solve a lot of the problems we had- namely, finding open shooters. WVU did a good job of limiting our dribble-drives, thus limiting our kickouts, but Levance, again, should solve most of that. Also, if we beat WVU, we might knock two consecutive Big East teams out of the NCAA tournament, assuming the Hoopies don’t make a run through the Big East tournament. I know they still have a decent shot at getting in, but they do need a win tonight.

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One Response to “Goin down to Hoopietown”

  1. Tony Says:

    This would be a perfect cap to a perfect year of the Backyard Brawl!!

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