Awards Banquet Recap (bad title, I’m tired)

For those of you that use this blog for all of their Pitt Basketball news, I have some updates from the Big East awards dinner last night.

Sam Young won Most Improved Player.  Apparently the voters don’t take into account defensive play.  I’m only kidding (sort of) to those who get upset about these things.  Sam, despite the lack of your help defense at times, you have led this team and I congratulate you.  Young was also a 1st team All-Big East selection.
I feel like a Pitt player seems to always get the MIP award.  Krauser got it in 2004 and I think Gray got it either preseason or postseason at some point.  It’s certainly a testament to our coaches and our program overall.
DeJuan Blair took home part of the Rookie of the Year honors.  Jonny Flynn of Cuse shared it with him.  Taft won this award back in 2004.  DeJuan, please don’t end up like Taft.  Thanks.  DeJuan made the All-Rookie team and the All-Big East Honorable Mention
Finally, Ronald Ramon and Darris Nichols both won the Sportsmanship award.  I have no idea what one has to do to win this award, but congrats Ronnie.
For more information on other awards, go here.  Sorry that was to get you pumped for tomorrow.  For awards stuff, go here.
I realized tonight that 2004 was a great year for us.  Taft got ROY, Krauser got MIP, and Jamie got Coach of the Year as a rookie coach.
Anyway, that’s all I’ve got.  I’m pumped for tomorrow and I know everyone reading this is as well.
No matter the outcome tomorrow night, I’ll be hanging around Rosie O’s trying to sneak in/waiting for inebriated Pitt alums to walk out and party with them.  The drinking age should really be 18.  
Hail to Pitt.

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