Big East Tournament

So, Pitt finds itself the 7th seed in the Big East tournament, with a matchup against #10 Cincinnati tomorrow and a possible matchup against #2 Louisville looming just a day later. Pitt’s played Cincinnati twice, splitting the home-and-home with the host team winning each time. The Panthers have had a very good record lately at MSG, getting all the way to the tournament final last year, as well as beating Duke there this year (anybody remember that game? Ah, the memories of what could have been). Anyways, the key to the game tomorrow night is rebounding, and shutting down Deonta Vaughn. See my last Cincinnati post for more.

At this point, with an RPI of 24, SOS of 38, and quality wins against Syracuse, Duke, OK State, Washington, and Georgetown, the Panthers are a near lock. I would like to beat Cincinnati so that we don’t have to sweat it out, especially with what’s been going on with the mid-major conferences. For those of you who don’t know, there’s been quite a few upsets going on- San Diego State beating Gonzaga in the West Coast Conference, among others. These victories will take away bubble slots, meaning teams like Syracuse, Villanova, and maybe even WVU find themselves needing a few wins to get into the NCAA tournament. I’m in Colorado right now, so hopefully the internets will cooperate enough for me tomorrow night to write about the first day of the Big East Tournament.


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