Live from Denver, it’s Wednesday afternoon

This trip to Denver was very last minute, but I am sure glad I came.

We flew out with the team Tuesday afternoon and their spirits were high.  Obviously, they just came off an amazing Big East Tournament.  They seem to have a lot of confidence right now, but they are not confusing that confidence with entitlement.  They have come out today ready to practice.  Jamie started them off with 5-man weave drills up and down the court and then split up the big men from the rest of the team.  DeJuan certainly talks a lot.  He’s calling out shots, “Baseline,” “Elbow,” “The bank is open.”  DeJuan, so far the bank is still closed.
I’ve observed two things so far.  1) If no one is guarding us, we can make all of our threes and 2) everyone on our team, except Tim Frye, can dunk.  Fields gets rejected by the rim most of the time, but I’m pretty sure he made at least one.
Jamie is a smart man, we just started free-throw drills.  I’m hoping these drills go on for at least 3 hours (keep in mind each team only gets 45 minutes).
For those of you interested in uniform information, the players and staff have gotten another set of swanky warm-ups.  It’s clear that Adidas is our sponsor, the huge 3-stripe logo takes over the entire back.
I love the way we end practice.  The half-court shot contest is a great way to get the crowd involved and to relax the players.  Bummer today – no one made a shot.  It was a good practice overall though.  The team looks loose and happy, but like I said earlier, they know what they have ahead of them.
I’ll try to post some practice pictures later.  For now that’s it.
Hail to Pitt, all the way from Denver.

9 Responses to “Live from Denver, it’s Wednesday afternoon”

  1. tomford24 Says:

    Frye can dunk, I’ve seen him do it before. I bet he just didn’t want to show off. He cleared 6″ in the high jump in high school.

  2. tomford24 Says:

    6 feet, actually.

  3. Drew Margulis Says:

    Are there any other Pitt fans out there with you Max?

  4. DPJ Says:

    Max, I hate you with all of my heart, I am super jealous. At least i’m 21 and can drink though. HA!

  5. Drew Margulis Says:

    ohh, that’s low dave lol

  6. lisagreenwald Says:

    GO PITT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nick Says:

    apparently there are a lot of Pitt Alumni in Denver. I know for a fact that we sold our entire allotment for the weekend.

  8. jaymill Says:

    Tim Frye can definitely dunk, I’ve watched him. Now prove me that Ramon can dunk :)(and I’m doubtful of Fields also but I’ll take your word for it)

  9. max greenwald Says:

    this post was not primarily about dunking. I just reported what I saw. Ramon can get up, but the one time he went up he got rejected by the rim, same with Fields. Tim Frye did not attempt a dunk to the best of my knowledge.I apologize if my reporting of who on our team can dunk offended anyone. Geez you guys are tough to please.

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