The Play-in Game?

I want to discuss Drew’s comment on the previous post.  Joe Lunardi has us seeded as the overall number 1 seed.  Obviously this is all a bunch of far-reaching speculation until we know about the draft and where recruits sign.  However, this seeding still makes me nervous.  It’s nice to be respected, but do we deserve it?  I’m not even sure I can handle this type of respect.  We as Pitt fans are so used to having to fight for any type of recognition that this feels like foreign territory.

Have we as a team taken that step where we’re always expected to do well, and especially do well enough to be the best team in the country?  Do we want that as fans?
I have no idea what to think of this and, like I said, right now we can all laugh at this because it’s way too early to be talking about this stuff.
I want to hear from all of you who feel inclined to comment.
How does Lunardi’s prediction make you feel?
Hail to Pitt.
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7 Responses to “The Play-in Game?”

  1. Brian Ising Says:

    I don’t think he necessarily has us as the #1 overall seed. We are playing the winner of the play-in game only because we are playing in Dayton, and that is where the play-in game is always held.However, he and others still have us ranked VERY highly going into next year. This makes me a little nervous because I’m not sure that we are quite that good.But, this says a lot about our program that experts like Lunardi and Katz are willing to pick us as a top-4 team next year. And more importantly, this is excellent exposure for our program and university. The next few months will be crucial for recruiting and our targets will notice how highly we’re ranked. That can only help.While it is probably easier on us fans to be ranked lower and have less pressure, being ranked so high is worth the rewards in terms of exposure and recruiting.

  2. Rico Suave Says:

    The winner of the play-in game plays the #1 overall seed in the tournament. If we’re playing the winner of the play-in then we’re the #1 overall seed.This makes me mildly uncomfortable. And yes while being ranked so high does afford us the necessary exposure for recruiting nationwide, I’m not sure our players are ready for the pressure that comes with being a top 5 team.Hopefully I’m wrong though.

  3. Rusty Says:

    we wont get a 1 seed. jamie said we are going to have a very tough schedule.

  4. Drew Margulis Says:

    The play-in winner does not necessarily play the overall number one seed. Last year, Kansas was the 4th #1 seed and played Niagara, which won the play-in game.

  5. max greenwald Says:

    aside from that issue, are we as fans ready to be loyal to a team that gets national attention every week and not as an underdog, but as a team that influences the college basketball landscape? Can we deal with a world where a Pitt team actually gets respect throughout the season?

  6. Celular Says:

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  7. Drew Margulis Says:

    I think we as fans are ready, but I guess it’s just my pessimism (at least come tournament time) that says the program isn’t quite ready. Perhaps for once, however, they may be hungry enough to live up to their billing and take the “they’re overrated” billing as an insult. Only time will tell.

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