Not a Huge Surprise

Cassin Diggs is no longer a Pitt Panther. He either quit, or transferred, it’s a little unclear at this point, but the fact that he’s no longer on the team shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who followed the Panthers this year. After Jamie got the 5th commit from Jermaine Dixon, there was rampant speculation that the extra scholarship would come from the loss of Cassin instead of Sam Young. While it was nice to see Cassin fire up the team before the games, especially in the later part of the season (after the loss of Austin Wallace), he was really a non-factor for this team. I know that he had a hip injury, but he never had the footwork or defensive presence to really help this Panther team.

With the need to develop Gary McGhee next season, Cassin would have been riding the pine for all of 2008-2009, and the scholarship is much better off in the hands of Jermaine Dixon, who can contribute (hopefully) some leadership and depth in the backcourt. At this time last year, Cassin was being projected by some as the starting center for the 2007-2008 team, so I’m going to hold back on praising Jermaine too heavily until I can see him actually play. Hopefully, with the basketball pedigree in his family and the reports out of Tallahassee Community College being very positive, Jermaine will be a huge contributor for two years.


One Response to “Not a Huge Surprise”

  1. Keith McBride Says:

    I’d like to thank Cassin for the time he put into the program. It really sounds as though he left feeling the coaches wronged him. I think it would be hard to put in two years in a JC and finally get picked up by a big program like ours, only to have the coaches basically ignore you and tell you to leave.But that is how sports go. Sometimes the people in charge have to make the hard decisions rather than the emotional ones. Pitt has a chance to be really good next year, and having another good option in Dixon will be helpful.Good luck to Diggs. Hopefully you can find someone else to make your last year better.

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