2009 Recruiting Update

I’m working at a summer camp so I’ve been a little behind on Pitt news, but (if you haven’t heard by now), Pitt just landed a fantastic recruit for the 2009-2010 season in PF Dante Taylor. One of the top 50 players in his class, Taylor joins a recruiting class that seems to be full with Lamar Patterson and Darnell Dodson, unless another scholarship opens up by then. This is a huge recruiting boost for the Panthers, as both Patterson and Taylor have shots to be All-Americans in their senior years, giving the Panthers their first All-Americans in nearly 20 years. Also, the addition of Taylor means that for the 2009-2010 season, we could have a frontcourt of Blair, Taylor, and Robinson, which would be one of the top front lines in college basketball (not to mention a great backcourt of Patterson, Wanamaker, Woodall, Gibbs, and Dixon). This will be a special few years for the Panthers, and this recruit could signal the true emergence of Pitt as a national power on the level of Kansas and Memphis. I know we haven’t won as much as those programs, but the next few years could very well see Pitt entering that upper echelon.

3 Responses to “2009 Recruiting Update”

  1. joosh1500 Says:


  2. knightsguy24 Says:

    We are still recruiting very hard, maybe even for two more players. Thomas Robinson (PF) is still a definite option as well as Durand Scott (SG), who some say has us as his leader. There are a few other big men in the mix, too.

  3. Merlin Says:

    They’re actually promising Robinson the SF spot next to Taylor but I don’t know how likely it is that we’ll get him. We already have Robinson and Brown at the SF spot, not to mention Dodson- who would be a SG/SF- and I’m still not sure where we’d get the scholarship from, unless Blair goes pro after this year (which is a possibility but I’m hoping he stays). There’s also the chance of that last scholarship going to Schenley guard DeAndre Kane in 2009. Either way, it’s going to be a great class for Pitt.

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