Good News on the Injury Front

Not too much news on the basketball front at this point in the year- still focused on college football for the next bit of the calendar, but Pitt basketball does start practice on October 17th, a date that will approach much faster than everybody realizes. We’ve had a little bit of bad news emerge in the last few days- Levance Fields needed a second surgery on his right foot. For those of you new to Pitt hoops, Levance broke his foot last season during the Dayton loss, and was out for about two months, coming back to help lead the Panthers to the Big East Tournament Title.

Levance, though, will still be back well before the Big East portion of our schedule hits- probably starting in early January- and now could possibly be back even sooner than we first imagined. Levance is one of the best point guards in the country, and he will be counted on to really push the tempo of this Pitt offense and get the best looks for Sam, DeJuan, and the rest of this incredibly athletic and talented Pitt squad. Keep checking back with The Oakland Zoo; with the season approaching, we’re going to start putting up some interviews, player spotlights, and season previews very regularly.


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