Lookin’ At the Non-Con

At first, I’m sure a few people looked at this non-con and went “No more Duke? No Memphis? We’re one of the top programs in the country and we get Siena and Belmont?” Do not listen to these people if you happen to encounter them in the street. This is a fantastic non-con, put together by Jamie to ensure both a good record in the schedule but still get some wins that look fantastic at the end of the season, both in tournament selection and RPI (which I’m aware are very closely related). Last year, we at the Zoo had to suffer through Houston Baptist, Mississippi Valley State, Boston University, Toledo…you get the idea. While MVSU did end up making the NCAA tournament by virtue of winning their conference, we had schools like BU (RPI: 240), Toledo (187), North Carolina A&T (234), and Buffalo (268) in addition to some other schools between 150-200. These are not the kind of wins that look great at the end of the year.

This year, however, we get Siena (66), Belmont (78), Florida St (on the road at 60 RPI), UMBC (88), in addition to the great Big East schedule. These are conference winners, teams returning four and five starters from 24 and 25 win teams, games on the schedule that will get us noticed at the end of the year. These are teams that will get our freshmen ready for the Big East, teams that will come in and give us a game, not flop over and die once we open up 8-point leads. This is before we get to the Legends Classic (not literally, it’s in the middle of the non-con), a showcase that will put us against two out of the following: Texas Tech (15-15 in the Big 12, RPI of 68), Washington St. (Sweet 16 team that will look better on the resume than they actually play this year after losing half their team), or Mississippi State, who went to the NCAA tournament after posting 22 wins in the SEC. If the rumors are correct, we’ll play TTU in the first round, then advance to play the winner of the other game. These are all teams that are very beatable, but will again look fantastic at the end of the year. Wins over quality BCS teams are fantastic to the NCAA Committee, and we’ll have plenty of them come March. I’ll take a peek at the conference schedule in a few more days, but be very excited for the games in November and December.


One Response to “Lookin’ At the Non-Con”

  1. Kotite's Corner Says:

    Looks like a good schedule, should get us some decent wins, and some good games, before the tough Big East schedule. Either way, it is always exciting when the schedule comes out.

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