Jamie Dixon and Other Tidbits

So as many of you have heard by now, Jamie Dixon has been signed to a 3-year extension, pushing his current contract through the 2015-2016 season, keeping one of the best younger coaches in NCAA D-I basketball at Pitt. Obviously this is a great move by Steve Pederson to keep Jamie here, and there’s not too much to say about the current winningest coach in the Big East, other than hopefully he’ll keep the program growing towards an eventual national championship. I have no doubt that if Pitt will win the NCAA tournament, it will be under this man.

In other news, Levance Fields has developed a slight infection in the ankle that he had an operation on. Will this won’t affect his recovery from the initial injury, it will slow his rehab time and pushes back his expected date to be back on the court. I’m not too thrilled by this but as long as we have Levance back in enough time for the Big East portion of our schedule (which at this point seems a certainty) we’ll be fine with Wanamaker, Dixon, and Woodall running the offense. Sam Young was also seen with a boot on his ankle this past week, apparently there was some swelling around his ankle, but it hasn’t really affected his playing (seems the basketball junkie was getting in some extra playing up at Trees) and isn’t a concern to the coaching staff heading towards the season.

Pitt’s Media Day is October 16th, one day before official practice starts, so keep checking back to the Oakland Zoo as we’ll start putting up some information on the players, the team, and the rest of the Big East to start gearing this school into basketball mode over the next 5 weeks.


One Response to “Jamie Dixon and Other Tidbits”

  1. johnny Says:

    Great news for the University and Pitt basketball. Coach Dixon is a class act and he really seems sincere in that he has made Pittsburgh his and his family’s home. I am glad Pitt can not only win, but win with class. HTP!

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