Beatdown at the Pete

Ok, so, not a shocker, Pitt beat Seton Hill by a whopping score of 102-51. Tough to gauge too much from a blowout game against an incredibly inferior team. A lot of people were ready to panic because Seton Hill kept it close early (VERY early) but that happens in almost every game against an inferior team where they think they can run with Pitt for about 4 or 5 minutes, but it always goes downhill from there. Three-point shooting for the Panthers kept them out of it a little early, but Pitt shot 7-for-12 from beyond the arc in the second half, and it looks like long-distance shooting will be, if not a strength this year, certainly not a glaring weakness.

Surprise for the Panthers in the lineup department- Ashton Gibbs started at point guard, along with Brad Wanamaker at shooting guard. I wouldn’t take too much from this, as Ashton started because of the defense that Seton Hill ran, though it might say something about the Panthers having a fluid starting lineup. Like I said before, Jamie has a very good problem in finding minutes for everybody, but one or two players who saw significant minutes yesterday will be left out of the main rotation for the majority of the season. Ashton and Travon did very well jobs running the point, though they both lack the ability of Levance to drive and kick–however, Jermaine Dixon drove the lane and dumped off at the last minute quite a few times, a dimension that sucked the Griffins defense in and allowed for much better second half shooting. If Jermaine can keep that up, he’ll find himself playing quite a few minutes this year. I was also very impressed with Jermaine’s perimeter defense and I don’t think he’s going to be anywhere close to a bust this year for the Panthers.

I have to say that I was REALLY impressed with the ability of the Zoo to show up yesterday. The bottom bowl was nearly full, and that’s saying a lot considering the addition of section 6J brings that lower bowl up over 1,000 students. For those students from that section: on free throws, please do not wave your arms wildly. Watch the rest of the Zoo for help–hold your arms to the left, then fling them to the right upon release of the opposing team’s shot. Also a great job by the Zoo to come up with nicknames for the Seton Hill players that weren’t too insulting: I heard “High school musicial,” “chin beard,” “Awkward,” among others. If we can keep that going without resorting to curse words, that only speaks worlds about the creativity and class of this student section, something we pride ourselves on. Not a great job on the jumping and screaming, but hey, it’s a preseason game. We’ve all got things to improve on, team and fans, and we’ve got another week to gear up for exhibition game #2.

Also, I want to see at least 100 students for the women’s preseason game on Wednesday night. It’s free, it’s at 7pm on a Wednesday, and there’s no reason a lot of you can’t make it out there to see the nationally ranked women take on a team of post-grads, some of whom are playing in the WNBA. Should be a much more competitive game than Pitt-Seton Hill, and we need to give Agnus Berenato that home-court advantage she desperatly wants and needs.


2 Responses to “Beatdown at the Pete”

  1. jtem21 Says:

    I don't know if the zoo also functions at the football games, but we really need to get the entire zoo to the football game this Saturday. Not only for football but for basketball. Dominic Cheek one of the top 20 players in the country is visiting this weekend and I'm guessing will be at the game. The zoo needs to go wild for Cheek with chants, and signs. WE REALLY NEED TO GET THIS GUY. then on Sunday the zoo needs to go crazy and be in full attendance for the Hoops scrimmage. IF WE CAN SWING THIS GUY HERE IT WOULD BE HUGE FOR PITT> We could be talking national championship in a few years for Pitt with having Dante Taylor already locked up. Pitt fans need to decide, do they want to come out this weekend and get this kid, or do they want to let him go by the wayside and watch an average SG play for us the next few years. GO PITT.

  2. knightsguy24 Says:

    i agree in that we need to go all out on sunday for dom! getting him would be huge!!!

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