Another Close Exhibition Game

Well, this was a close one all game, but La Roche took a late surge to win by twelve in a thriller yesterday at the Pete. Oh, no, I’m not talking about the final score, but the fact that Sam Young, for a good portion of the game, was outscoring the entire La Roche team (when he was finally taken out after 20 minutes of play, the score was SY 18, LR 17). There is really nothing to gauge from this game other than that these Panthers are bored and ready to play some real talent. La Roche was nowhere near able to match the talent, size, athleticism, or basketball know-how that Pitt was putting on the floor. Jermaine Dixon had a solid game with 11 points, 7 assists (to only one turnover), 5 steals, and 3 rebounds, and I would presume he’ll get the starting spot on Friday over Brad Wanamaker. Quite a few players on Pitt’s side made some poor decisions on the offensive end, but I believe that comes more from toying around with a vastly inferior opponent than lack of basketball skill or knowledge. I know a lot of the Zoo gets very antsy watching their team win by 50, and I know we’re all happy that a decent team will be coming in on Friday, but I’ll have more on Fairleigh Dickinson later this week.

We’ve got some exciting stuff coming soon on the blog- interviews have been conducted with both Agnus Berenato and Jamie Dixon, so those will be published shortly, as will a short season preview and some more news and updates from your Zoo Blog staff! Remember, if you feel like emailing us about anything Panther Basketball:


2 Responses to “Another Close Exhibition Game”

  1. ryan Says:

    My friends and I have a question. We regularly attend games and are familiar with almost all of pitt’s chants and gestures, however none of us can figure out the significance behind the blue sharpie markers. Is it simply telling the refs to stay sharp, and blue is easier to see then black? Or is there more then meets the eye to this ? thank you and hail to pitt!

  2. stru Says:

    what is up with sharpies? I have no clue at all, maybe we are a blue collar team i dunno, that and i have no clue what the foul out chant is

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