RedHawk Recap

I would like to start off this recap by noticing that UCLA was only able to beat Miami (OH) by 5 points, and yet the Panthers were able to defeat them by 29. I’m not going to say that the Panthers would beat the Bruins by 24, but it certainly looks good to voters that we were able to dispatch of an inferior team. It definitely adds a little kick that on this day, the voters actually dropped Pitt in the AP poll to number 6, and this win shows those voters they are wrong–the good teams always beat the teams they’re supposed to soundly, and Pitt has done that very well so far. I would also like to say that I was dead on with my Musings, and normally I’m not one for bragging, but it feels good to be right sometime. 

On to the game–I was most impressed this game with Jermaine Dixon. I feel like he’s going to be the unsung hero of the Big East, and could challenge for newcomer of the year (though Samardo Samuels and Greg Monroe will have something to say about that). It’s clear very early on that Dixon is one of the best JUCO recruits this Pitt program has seen in a long time, and his two years here will be incredibly valuable. The backcourt of Dixon and Fields (13 points, 12 assists, ONE TURNOVER) is going to be one of the tops in the Big East, and bring an athleticism and toughness needed to win in this conference. Brad Wanamaker has been slower in his development than we hoped, so it’s fantastic that Dixon has played as well as he has, and has earned himself major minutes. DeJuan Blair had himself another monster game, and those two fouls he picked up early on would not be called in a Big East game. He’s still got to avoid the dumb fouls, but impressive showing in the second half.

Akron is the next game on Friday, and we’ve got some interesting material that will be coming out during the week for the Akron game, some new Zoo material that has not yet been attempted in the long and glorious history of this blog. Also, I’ve got interviews with Jamie Dixon and Agnus Berenato that will be up at some point this week, ahead of the big Pitt sports weekend (two basketball games and a semi-important football game) that will have us all occupied.


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