All Eyes On Us

That’s right Panther fans. For the first time in the history of our program, we are now the #1 ranked team in the country.

On Saturday afternoon many people felt that we would be getting a few first place votes after dismantling Georgetown on the road. Well tonight, we went from hoping we would acquire some votes, to wanting every single one when UNC fell to Boston College (at UNC).

I have been a student here since 2001 and have been blessed to be a part of this magical ride. There were two times before when we had a shot at being #1 and unfortunately we were unable to do so.

However, now we are the top team in all of the land.

Enjoy this Panther fans. This is an honor that does not come very easily and every team in the country would want to be in our shoes right now.

With that said, we now have a larger responsibility to improve our home court advantage. Lets take this momentum and go forward. Sunday we play St. Johns at home and we need to be there packed and loud.

The team did their part to get to where they are, now lets assist them in any way we can.



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