Real Fans Wear Gold

Monday night’s game against Syracuse plans to be a huge test for our Pitt Panthers. The students will be out in full force thanks to the efforts of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement (aka we get school off for MLK Day.) In addition, upwards of 2700 student tickets have been requested, some kind of record. So we’ll be there bright and early wearing our Zoo Shirts and ready to blow the roof off the Pete.

For all of those fans not lucky enough to still be in college, we as students ask you to act like us for an evening. We don’t want you to sleep through classes or go rummaging through your attics for your old fake IDs. We just want you to wear a Zoo Shirt, the official gold ones, or some shirt/sweater/blouse/halter top/overalls/poncho that resembles the Vegas Gold that the students wear.

Assuming the weather permits, the Pete will be the place to be in Pittsburgh on Monday. Win or loss, no one should be worrying about the Steelers. You can either mourn the end of the season or celebrate a trip to Tampa, just do it at the Pitt game and do it wearing Gold.

We might be creative and funny with our whiteboards, but we can only do so much.

With just one gold shirt, you can change the life of a Pitt student forever, or at least for a few days.

Hail to Pitt and remember, REAL FANS WEAR GOLD


One Response to “Real Fans Wear Gold”

  1. McCabe Says:

    2700 student tickets requested means a LOT of people did not get tickets. Some people with upwards of 14 loyalty points didn’t get em. If you were lucky enough to get a seat you had better not sit in it the entire game. It’d be a slap in the face to your fellow students.Jump and get loud Pitt. #1.LET’S GO PITT!!!

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