Let’s Be Big Time

Just like Max said below, we are #1 in the country, so it is time for us to be an elite program. Other programs across the country wear a specific color. I don’t care if you are a PSU bball fan, a WVU fan, or what not, if you come to Pitt basketball home games this is your turn to wear gold. Syracuse has been playing well lately and is a top 25 team. If you don’t think this game means anything then think again. They are the first ever Big East team to win at the Pete. There is no excuse for them to ever win again here. Flynn looks disinterested playing in college. You know he is waiting until he can cash in an NBA paycheck. Devendorf hit’s women. I have a sister and I love my mom so if you have any female connections you should be at this game letting little Eric that it is not O.K. to hit women. We need to be on him all game long. There is no excuse ever to hit a woman.

Syracuse pulled their strings and gave him a small slap on the wrist for him “PUNCHING A GIRL”.

If you think hitting a girl is O.K., then fine, take 79 south and route for WVU because it is not OK for Pitt. On Monday we will be lining up early at Pitt ready to let Cuse have it. I feel bad for Jim Boeheim because he looks very tired and frustrated. 20 years ago he wouldn’t have had to deal with this but because of coaches like Bob (T)Huggins and Bobby (dirty man) Gonzalez we have to deal with coaches who bend the rules for certain players.

The Big East should have no tolerance for obvious rule breakers like this. Sadly, we have to deal with this to over come our piss poor perception in football. So cheer your heart out Big East Basketball fans because we need to set the trend!


3 Responses to “Let’s Be Big Time”

  1. Pete Says:

    We should have girls put eyeblack around their eyes to look like bruises and have several of them hold up signs saying something like “Devendorf hit me” or “I have been physically abused by Eric Devendorf.”

  2. aziz Says:

    It's comments like this that leave one to understand why Pitt basketball are the biggest CHOKERS in the NCAA! Yu consistently have god teams, yet can't get past the sweet Sixteen. You're CHOKERS- plain & simple. some meaningless game in January against Cuse won't mean much in March, when u guys CHOKE once again! Here we GO- 'Neers!!!!!

  3. Pete Says:

    I’d gladly take our constant success since the turn of the century over WVCC’s one or two decent seasons. One run to the Elite 8 a few years ago and you are superior? Gimme a break.

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